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3CX business phone systems require no proprietary hardware.

3CX is a popular software-based phone system. It is in use by businesses all over the globe, including Milwaukee’s own Harley-Davidson. TriTech can set up and install an entire 3CX system in your business today.

3CX Phone Systems

Advantages of 3CX

  • Easy to manage and administrate through a web-based user interface
  • Interoperable with phones from many different manufacturers
  • Ready for SIP trunks and VoIP gateways, and almost any kind of telephony
  • Migrate any extension to a smartphone without using your personal number
  • Scale your PBX by leveraging your existing hardware

3CX Standard and Pro Editions are available. The Pro Edition provides features designed for call centers and other call-centric environments that require queue management, agent status updates and CRM integration. Advanced features on the Pro Edition include allowing the customer to hang up while waiting in a queue, and then receive a call from an agent when they reach the front of the line.

Hotel modules and web conferencing modules expand the 3CX phone system to support specialized functions.

TriTech can provision any 3CX phone system to meet your business’ specific requirements. Our 3CX-certified technicians can design, implement and support any 3CX environment. Create your ideal business phone system to ensure your employees remain productive and have all of the features they need.

For complete details about 3CX sales and support, contact TriTech today.

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