Partnering with TriTech Corporation of America to bring you better service.

TriTech Corporation is a Digium partner and Digium Select Reseller who specializes in Digium Asterisk solutions and Digium Switchvox. We can offer you a Switchvox Unified Communications system solution or build a custom communications system based on Asterisk, the most popular open-source phone software.

TriTech can provide you with:

TriTech is  Digium Select Reseller
  • Digium Phones
  • Hardware
  • Third-party components to build you a custom communications solution

TriTech's technicians and engineers receive training from Digium to best utilize the systems and build you a custom solution. We receive special promotional pricing to save you even more money. TriTech also receives advance product information to ensure you have the most up-to-date and effective solution available.

By choosing TriTech for your Digium solution, you have the greatest opportunity for success. Digium offers field-proven solutions that meet the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses.

TriTech's engineers have the knowledge to design, implement and support communications solutions based on Asterisk or Digium.

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