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Polycom is a one of the leading manufacturers of telepresence and voice communications solutions. Polycom best known for their SoundPoint phones as well as the RealPresence video conferencing systems.

TriTech has partnered with Polycom to provide you with the best possible collaborative experience. Polycom is an ideal solution for organizations with geographically dispersed workers. Polycom products enable effective and productive communication over distances.

With Polycom products, organizations can receive a fast return on their investment as their teams are easily able to collaborate "face to face" without costly travel expenses or wasted travel time. Video conferencing is one way businesses can easily scale resources and gain a competitive advantage.

Polycom and TriTech

Polycom Solutions Include:

  • IP Phones
  • Conference Phones
  • Video Conferencing Systems
  • Expansion Microphones
  • Polycom Communicator
  • Software Licenses
  • Speaker Systems
  • Various Adapters, Power Cords and Other Accessories

TriTech is certified to install, supply, integrate, configure, repair and maintain Polycom products. When you choose Polycom through TriTech, you will receive the benefits of having a Polycom authorized service center in addition to experienced network engineers who have been integrating Polycom solutions within new and existing organizational networks for years.

Please contact TriTech for more information about our full offering of Polycom products, and how they can best benefit your organization.

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