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Axis Security Cameras

Axis Communications is one of the world’s leading IP camera manufacturers.

Axis cameras and surveillance equipment are deployed all over the world. The cameras reside in businesses, apartment complexes, trains, busses and anywhere else where safety is a priority. Axis builds network cameras, video encoders, network recorders and management software.

A number of accessories and options are available to fully maximize your surveillance investment. Control cameras with PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) by using physical joysticks or web-based solutions. Camera housings and mounts let the cameras take on any environment.

Intelligent video, recognition abilities and advanced features make every camera an important part of your business’ security strategy.

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  • City Surveillance
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
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  • Transportation

TriTech offers services and hardware fulfillment for Axis products. Contact TriTech to learn more about Axis, surveillance services and how to purchase.

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