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TriTech's BlackBerry repair center offers professional solutions for the BlackBerry Bold, Torch, Curve and new BlackBerry models.

TriTech can be your Milwaukee Area BlackBerry Repair Center! TriTech offers numerous services for BlackBerry owners, including hardware repair, data recovery and transfer, water damage repair and more.

Do you have button that will only work if you press it a certain way? Is the screen cracked? Did you drop your BlackBerry in a puddle this morning? TriTech can help. TriTech is offering BlackBerry repair services to individuals and companies in the Milwaukee area. Just bring your phone to TriTech's Waukesha office and our technicians will do the rest!

Blackberry Service


BlackBerry repair and service solutions are available to both businesses and individuals. Managed service agreements are available for organizations. Devices must be delivered to TriTech's repair center in Waukesha for depot repair service. Repair services offered for BlackBerry include:

  • Battery replacement
  • Screen, button, and port repair
  • Data recovery
  • Data transfer
  • Repair of water damaged parts
  • Device networking
  • Mobile device service contracts (offered to businesses/organizations only)
Blackberry Benefit


Many users and companies choose BlackBerry for it's innately professional design. BlackBerry efficiently processes messages and emails to give business users up-to-date information, without the fluff found in other phones. BlackBerry also still offers a hardware keyboard, which users enjoy for the genuine tactile response, but with so many little buttons, sticking and broken keys can become more of an issue. TriTech can help by repairing broken buttons on your keyboard, returning the efficiency you crave!

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