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TriTech's cabling solutions exceed industry standards, featuring professional support and installation.

TriTech staffs expert engineers who will work with you to build a customized, high-performance cable installation. Our work on rated, structural cabling systems conforms to industry standards and building codes.

TriTech is located in Waukehsa, WI and has been providing cabling installation services since 1993.

Cabling Services


  • Technicians are trained to follow all EIA/TIA standards
  • Member of the Professional Cabling Installers Association and BCI Association
  • Fully insured
  • Our Cabling Technicians are BICSI certified
Cabling Installation


  • Fiber-optic backbone systems
  • Shielded structured cabling systems
  • Direct burial and overhead systems
  • Co-ax and twin-ax
  • Specialty and hybrid systems
  • Assembly and soldering of customized cable and connectors
  • Cable Trenching
TriTech Cabling Specializations


  • New and existing installations
  • Voice and data installation
  • Additions, moves and changes
  • Troubleshooting for any type of cable or fiber optic cabling system
  • Customized documents of complete testing on Cat5, Cat6 and fiber-optic

TriTech offers free quotes and evaluations for both new and existing cabling projects, as well as a 15-year warranty when you choose to have our expert installation personnel install your project.

If you would like more information, or would like to request a quote, please call us at 262.717.0037 or send us an email at

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