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Install and maintain a reliable call center network with TriTech, featuring on-site and remote solutions.

TriTech can assist you in setting up a call center, from the phone system, phones and PCs to installation and cabling an entire building. Call centers traditionally are a location that requires multiple phone lines, a phone system, computers and other equipment.

Remote Contact Centers


Now, however, call centers no longer need to be in only one location, and they handle many more types of communication than just phone calls. If you are interested in setting up a remote contact center, TriTech can assist you with cloud-based solutions, a virtualized PBX system, cabling multiple locations, VoIP supplies and phones as well as a variety of software that may best suit your needs.

TriTech is located in Waukesha, just outside of Milwaukee, WI. With almost 20 years of experience in the IT industry, TriTech has seen technology evolve and has taken steps to ensure our technicians and network engineers are always up-to-date with innovative solutions that help your business thrive.

Call us today at (262) 717-0037 to discuss your options and set up a time for a free, on-site audit.

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