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Cloud computing is an ideal solution for protecting valuable data from rainy days.

TriTech's Cirrus cloud computing service is an integrated solution that gives you immediate access to a complete computing environment without the costs and risks of building and maintaining it yourself.

For a low monthly fee, Cirrus can replace your desktop computing products with a service that gives you access to all of your computer's functionality through a standard internet connection.

Cirrus Computing


Every business needs a cost-effective solution to technology management. Your organization needs an infrastructure that is scalable, flexible and responsive. TriTech's Cirrus solution solves those IT challenges for you.

Cirrus is an integrated service delivery solution which will give you instant access to a complete computing environment without the costs and risks associated with building and maintaining it yourself. The Cirrus solution delivers an all-inclusive, fully managed and supported IT infrastructure that requires minimal upfront investment.

Cirrus cuts the cost of adding new users to your system. You won't need to buy additional computers and software licenses, but only the cost of a lean, portable network terminal.

With the Cloud computing service from TriTech, you will also get peace of mind knowing that your data is off-site, stored securely and ready to use--even if disaster strikes.

Cirrus automates business processes and accelerates application delivery. It allows administrators to instantly provision virtual dedicated servers, IT services or business applications.

TriTech's Cirrus Cloud Computing


  • New servers
  • Software licensing
  • Data storage
  • Virus protection
  • Help desk support
  • PC and server monitoring
  • Backup
  • Intrusion detection
  • Spam and spyware filters

and more, without the large up front investment.

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