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Set up right the first time, TriTech's networking services offer peace of mind and security.

The first challenge most business owners face is to get the right technology. This is where TriTech comes in. We are absolutely committed to making sure you only have essential, practical and useful technology that helps your business do what you've always done: improve.

TriTech is located in Waukesha, WI, just outside of Milwaukee. We have been providing networking services since 1993 and have the primary goal of ensuring your technology helps your business.

Computer networking can vary from just two components, to thousands of computers, printers and servers that span across different locations. With many different configurations available, the whole process of setting up your computer network can become confusing and overwhelming quickly.

Computer Networks


A network is necessary for all kinds of businesses looking to increase productivity. By introducing computer networks, you can stay competitive by reducing your hardware costs and increasing your effectiveness.

Even the simplest of networks can assist you in staying productive and give you better security while sharing information easier and even backing up your valuable information.

Computer Network Security


Networking does more harm than good if it is left unsecured. TriTech can offer many solutions to best fit your needs, and recommends a combination of several security precautions including wireless security, firewalls and spam filters.

TriTech does not want you to have technology that hinders your daily activities or frustrates your employees.

Please contact us for a quote, or to have a custom maintenance package built to suit your needs.

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