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Including Canon and Brother copiers, our technicians are knowledgeable in many brands and models of copy machines.

TriTech offers repair and maintenance services on all kinds of copiers. For more specific information on which copiers are supported, please call our office. While have the ability to repair nearly all copiers, many older copier models are currently unsupported by the manufacturers, and therefore parts may not be available.

We know that when your copy machine is down, it can cause a lot of problems for your office. TriTech wants to ensure your organization maintains maximum uptime with your copier, and we do our best to quickly and efferently repair your copier. Most repairs can be completed within 48-hours, depending on parts availability and our technicians' schedules.

Copy Machine Repair


TriTech services copy machines both in-house in our depot repair center, and on-site at your office location. TriTech operates from 8:00 to 5:00 CST, Monday-Friday. During those hours, we are happy to take your copier either on a walk-in basis or will make an appointment to meet you at your office. At this time, TriTech is unable to make on-site calls to homes, home offices, or home businesses.

Copier Services from TriTech


  • Sharp Copiers
  • Brother Copiers
  • Canon Copiers
  • Xerox Copiers
  • Panasonic Copiers
  • Ricoh Copiers
  • Toshiba Copiers
  • Copystar Copiers
  • Minolta Copiers
  • Samsung Copiers
  • Kyocera Copiers
  • OKI Copiers
  • NEC Copiers

For More Information, or to request a repair, please contact us at (262) 717-0037.

Ricoh Copier Repair Sharp Copier Repair
Ricoh Copier Repair
Sharp Copier Repair
Toshiba Copier Repair Xerox Copier Repair
Toshiba Copier Repair
Xerox Copier Repair
Canon Copier Repair
Canon Copier Repair
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