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Recover lost data or backup data before it's gone with professional data recovery services.

Whether you need disaster recovery assistance, or accidentally deleted a file that you need recovered, TriTech has technicians trained to assist you in recovering your data. TriTech has been providing IT services and solutions to businesses and organizations in southeast Wisconsin and northern Illinois since 1993. TriTech is located in Waukesha, WI.

Data Loss


When disaster strikes in one form or another and data is lost, TriTech's Data Recovery experts are here to help. If you need a backup plan for completing a Data Migration project or just a way to keep from losing all of your data, call TriTech to get your data recovered quickly or backed up safely.

Disaster Recovery


Sometimes terrible things can happen to your organization, whether it be a fire or a server crash. TriTech can offer you disaster recovery plans to make recovering from such situations a little easier.

Data Backup & Recovery


If you choose to back up your files, you can have added peace-of-mind knowing that there is an extra copy of all your important information. Having an attached storage device or remote data backup can make your organization recover within hours of a disaster, and maintain almost all of your original data.

Data Recovery from TriTech


TriTech's Data Recovery Service is staffed by efficient, experienced technicians who know the best way to recover your lost files.

Even when all hope seems lost, TriTech may be able to assist you in recovering some, if not all, of your lost data.

Professional Data Recovery from TriTech


At TriTech, we understand that the data you need recovered can be sensitive, and at times extremely confidential.

When you choose TriTech, you can feel confident in knowing that only ethical, responsible individuals will be handling your data.

If you would like more information, or require data recovery service, please contact TriTech at (262) 717-0037.

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