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Switchvox is a phone system which has transformed the way many businesses communicate.

TriTech works with you to determine which Switchvox system is appropriate for your situation, then takes care of the ordering, installation, set up and provisioning.

TriTech can even teach you how to operate your new phone system.

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Saves Money for your business with more features at a lower cost than proprietary systems. With Switchvox, you can save up to 70% off your monthly telephone costs. Switchvox also works with whatever service provider or equipment you choose to use, giving you even more financial freedom.

Easy Management with an intuitive interface that lets you manage every aspect of Switchvox from anywhere you have internet access. Your employees can manage their own Find-me Follow-me and voicemail boxes.

Many Products in One including a business phone system, and a complete Unified Communications solution when combined with Digium phones. The Switchvox system also includes a conference bridge, a chat/instant messaging server and a fax server. By consolidating some of your office's activities, you save money.

Scalable Solution that easily accommodates future growth, without unexpected expenses. Switchvox allows you to easily add new users, whether in the office or mobile, or even remote locations, without disrupting your current system.

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