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TriTech's outdoor cabling solutions feature directional drilling and tunnel boring.

TriTech staffs specially trained technicians to install your outdoor cabling. Regardless of the scale of your project, TriTech has a solution to offer. We have never been unable to complete a proposed project.

TriTech has been installing cabling systems since 1993, is based out of Waukesha, WI and services the Milwaukee area.

Please contact us at 262.717.0037 if you have any questions or to request a quote.

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TriTech has certified, trained cabling technicians to ensure your system is installed efficiently and correctly the first time. All of TriTech's cabling installations are guaranteed with a 15-year warranty.

TriTech can trench for your cabling, draw it through and install the system. We are experienced in setting up and provisioning servers, workstations and phone systems to work with your new cabling installation.

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New building across the street? Expanding to a location next door? TriTech can bore underneath the ground or street to connect two or more locations on your campus to unify each building to your main server.

We push a protective pipe underground and then draw your new cabling through it. This gives you a hard-line in to your new location with minimal disruptions to your business activities. Upon completion, your landscaping will be returned to its rough grade and reseeded.

From start to finish, the process of boring and drawing cable usually takes one day.

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For new constructions, TriTech will use a trenching machine to lay cable. This is more cost effective for new installations without finished grading and landscaping.

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Would you prefer an overhead solution to a buried, underground line? TriTech can help. Our experienced staff can design, implement and maintain your cabling solution.

TriTech works with a fully-insured partner to assist us in your outdoor cabling project.

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