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Fiber optic cable services from TriTech include installation and repair of the wiring and the network.

TriTech has been providing Cabling solutions to Waukesha and the surrounding Milwaukee area since 1993. TriTech staffs certified, experienced cabling technicians.

Fiber Optics cable is currently the fastest cabling solution available. Fiber Optics cabling sends your data at the speed of light, and is only limited by the number of fibers and speed of your systems

Fiber optic cabling can give your business many options for building a speedy and reliable voice, data and video infrastructure.

TriTech uses optical cable to transmit your video, voice and data at high bandwidths. The technicians at TriTech use optical fiber for large LAN or WAN installations that need a high-bandwidth backbone to keep hundreds of users running at gigabyte ethernet speeds.

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TriTech can augment your existing systems, trench and directional bore to extend to a new building, and make repairs to damaged cabling.

TriTech can expand and enhance your existing system in several ways:

  • Extend the range of the existing system
  • Accommodate new users
  • Repair damaged or degraded wiring

TriTech's cabling services come with a 15-year warranty.

If you have any questions, we can be reached at (262) 717-0037 to provide more information.

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