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Smartboards and electronic dry erase boards for meeting rooms and classrooms.

The whiteboard is a standard part of any meeting room or classroom. It’s a very basic tool for communication that we all take for granted. A dry erase board can be a much more effective instrument for sharing ideas and collaboration than you may realize.

Smartboards are interactive displays that are quickly taking over where dry erase boards or chalkboards ruled the room. They’re available as wall mountable boards or even as tabletop devices. They implement touch technology and/or projectors to let people engage with content on the screen.

For businesses, presentations and meetings are more collaborative than ever. View documents and notate them right on the screen. Integrate the boards with video conferencing solutions and other content sharing technology to maximize productivity.

TriTech offers projector and whiteboard solutions from manufacturers including:

  • Epson
  • Polycom
  • Smart Technologies
Epson Icon


Epson projectors like the BrightLink Pro can turn any whiteboard or flat surface into the staging ground for collaboration. Interact with presentations and annotate documents, plus share your whiteboard sessions with mobile devices or other projectors.

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Polycom is always innovating video conferencing and collaboration technology. VisualBoard technology built into Polycom Group and HDX series video conferencing systems lets a computer’s mouse or touchscreen monitor interact with content in real time. The Polycom UC Board provides a pen for virtually notating presentations and documents.

Smart Technologies Icon


SMART Technologies builds boards for both business and education. The SMART kapp capture board, for example, uses standard dry erase markers and can be used just like a regular whiteboard. The difference is that when the capture board is plugged in, it enables you to bring remote users into whiteboard sessions via a mobile device.

Contact TriTech to learn more about smartboards and interactive whiteboards. We can quickly install any solution to your existing conference room, huddle space or meeting area. The boards are designed for rooms ranging from offices to classrooms.

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