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TriTech's network services include preventative maintenance, software updates, inspection and more.

TriTech can assist you by maintaining your network. We can determine if you need any hardware, software or security updates and install those updates for you, many times without any downtime for your organization.

Scheduling regular maintenance is essential for having a well-running organization.

Right outside of Milwaukee, TriTech is based in Waukesha, WI. Since 1993, TriTech has been providing quality services to southeast Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

Network Maintenance


  • Preventative maintenance
  • Network firmware updates
  • Network software updates
  • Hardware inspection and/or replacement
  • Cleaning of hardware components, when needed
  • Server inspection and maintenance
Preventative Network Maintenance


Preventative maintenance will save you money by avoiding major issues with your network, you will have less downtime and costly repairs. Regular network maintenance will save you time because it will be extremely less likely that your system will fail and cause you to lose data. Maintenance is much simpler and faster than time-consuming troubleshooting and repair procedures. By maintaining your network with TriTech, you can ensure that your network is running as well as it possibly can.

TriTech offers monthly maintenance packages as well as pay-per-service options. Please contact us if you would like an estimate or to schedule a call.

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