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When installing RFID for your organization, there are many aspects to take into account to ensure you have the most effective system for your purposes. RFID antennas are one way that you might be able to get more from your installation.

RFID antennas serve as the vital link between a reader and the tag, enabling faster scanning and more accurate inventories of larger areas. RFID are available specifically for mounted applications and vehicle mount applications.

There are a variety of different antennas available, and TriTech can help you decide which ones are best suited to your application.

Many different factors affect which antenna is right for you. Some are designed for RFID lift truck applications, other are more appropriate for indoor use.

Antennas are also available for longer ranges, and some support only stationary applications. You're particular situation may not actually see much benefit by using an antenna, or it may be all the difference you need to get an effective ROI with your new RFID system.

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RFID Antennas
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