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RFID tags are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and durability. Finding the correct tag is integral when you are implementing an RFID solution in your organization. There are so many options, however, that you may not even know where to start. There are several aspects of a tag you need to consider, including:

Frequency Range

RFID products on the market today operate at a variety of frequencies, with each frequency targeted for specific geographical regions, applications and performance requirements. When you select a tag or insert, first you need to consider the general performance characteristics and regulatory compliance associated for your region of operation. TriTech can identify which RFID tag and media products are allowed for operation throughout all worldwide UHF regulatory regions.

Memory Size

Flexibility is key, especially as business operations, industry standards, customer requirements and other variables change over time. TriTech offers tags for both license plate and extended memory configurations.

"License Plate" tags allow the programming of a single number that is to be referenced to an external database for additional information about the object being tagged, most often used for compliance applications.

"Extended memory" tags enable information about the tagged object to be stored directly on the tag, which allows access in situations where external databases are not available.

Range Performance

Read range performance is generally considered the primary gauge of a tag's suitability for a particular application. However, it is important to note that not all applications require maximum range. Most tags and insert designs are optimized for maximum performance on a specific material, but can be used with other materials for applications requiring less than optimal read range, or where greater range may actually be detrimental.

Form Factor

Tag form factor cannot be overlooked in the scheme of your RFID solution. TriTech can provide you with a complete portfolio of tag and media designs from both Zebra and Intermec.

Environmental Conditions

Performance in tags differs depending on what materials are adjacent to the tag along with environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. There are RFID tags and media products available that can withstand even the harshest environments.

Standards Compliance

TriTech and their partners maintain an active presence within the worldwide RFID standards community. TriTech's partners continue to develop products that meed existing and emerging standards, including EPC Global Class 1 Generation 2 and ISO 180000-6C.

This ensures compatibility with other products meeting these standards and protects your investment against premature obsolescence.

For more information about RFID tags and which products would work best for your company, please contact TriTech at 262-717-0037.

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