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TriTech can install everything from VoIP phones and hardware to cabling and Ethernet wiring.

Structured cabling is the system of cabling and hardware, which is a complete infrastructure.

Every structured cabling installation from TriTech is unique, due to the many variables between organizations and buildings, such as:

  • The architecture of the building
  • What cables and products best fit your budget
  • What your cabling system will be used for
  • What kind of equipment your system is going to be used for
  • How your current system is configured
  • Your special requests and concerns
  • Certain things specified by the manufacturer to be warranty-compliant
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TriTech has been a leading Structured Cabling Installer in the Milwaukee Area since 1993. TriTech now services most of Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

All of TriTech's cabling technicians have at least five years of experience in their field and hold a number of industry certifications.

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If you would like more information, or to set up a consultation or quote, please contact us at 262-717-0037.

All cabling done by TriTech comes with a fifteen year warranty to protect your investment.

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