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A local area network (LAN) is an essential part of any business operations. By interconnecting the computers in your building, you can easily share files and programs.

Today, in a high-speed world, local networks must be broken up into smaller sections to maintain fast data connections. This is achieved by using server rooms and backbone wiring, as well as horizontal cable and workstation ports.

Why Choose TriTech


  • TriTech has been installing structured LAN cabling systems in the Milwaukee area since 1993.
  • TriTech is experienced in installing, maintaining, integrating and repairing LAN cabling and networks.
  • TriTech's installation staff is trained and certified, and all technicians have a minimum five years of experience.
  • TriTech is able to not only install your LAN system, but can supply additional hardware, such as computers, phones and printers, to make your organization's new system work for you.
  • All of TriTech's cabling work is backed by a fifteen year warranty.
  • TriTech is locally owned and operated, meaning we care about local businesses and the community
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