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Explore cloud computing with an expert consultation from TriTech's team of IT professionals.

The core benefit of the Cloud is sharing resources.

When plumbing and running water first came into people's homes, everyone had to dig their own well and install their own type of sanitation system. This became impractical, and now most people, except for those in remote areas, share a common well or pipeline and a large sanitation system. Now, we pay the utility company each month, or each quarter, for our share of this common resource.

In essence, servers are now a utility, just like power and water. And just like some organizations still produce their own power, and some people still have their own well system, the Cloud is not going to cover all of the needs of all businesses.

But for most business needs, Cloud Computing is beneficial and convenient. Not to mention cost-effective.

Switching to the Cloud


Firstly, a technician or team of technicians will survey and catalog your existing system. TriTech will determine what kind and how many servers you need, what kind of software you require and how many stations you need. We will quote you an initial cost for moving your entire network off-site, or part of it, if you feel the need to leave a server on your premises.

After the initial inspection, you have less than three months until you're on the Cloud.

Existing Equipment


TriTech will assist you in reselling, donating or disposing of your current equipment at no extra cost.

If you have any questions regarding Cloud or our other services, please don't hesitate to contact us at 262.717.0037

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