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Growing small and medium-sized businesses need a phone system that can grow with them. Vertical TeleVantage offers many features that can help your employees work more efficiently.

  • Users will instantly be able to locate and check the statuses of their coworkers, initiate conference calls or access information--this means they spend less time searching for numbers and transferring calls.
  • A sophisticated "find me" call routing capability makes sure your employees receive important calls at any time, wherever they are.
  • Voicemail messages are consolidated within a single account for easy and fast retrieval and response. Your team can record and store voice messages or conversations and create personalized, targeted voice and broadcast messages that save time and enhance communication.
  • With an award-winning point-and-click interface, employees can quickly and easily take advantage of everything the system has to offer.

With Vertical TeleVantage from TriTech every one of your customers' calls are routed so they are promptly answered and routed appropriately. TeleVantage also gives you the power and flexibility to implement special features--like priority handing for VIP callers or voice broadcasting of limited-time offers--that can enhance your callers' experience and increase customer loyalty.

TeleVantage from TriTech


TriTech not only sells, but services and repairs Vertical TeleVantage phone systems. Our experienced engineers are Vertical TeleVantage certified. We can provide either on-site and remote assistance for your Vertical TeleVantage phone system, depending on your need.

TeleVantage Services


  • Upgrades, Installation and Repair
  • Support and Licensing
  • Support for TeleVantage 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and VoIP
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