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Network cabling for voice and data solutions including professional Ethernet installation.

TriTech is a complete communication service company. From voice and data cabling, to the best equipment, TriTech can completely design, order, install and maintain your voice and data solution.

TriTech is located in Waukesha, WI and provides services to most of Wisconsin and parts of northern Illinois. TriTech has been a trusted service provider since 1993.

Cabling services from TriTech include a fifteen year warranty. TriTech only uses the highest quality cabling hardware and cable to ensure your investment lasts.


When you choose TriTech, you choose a complete transformation for your organization. The benefits are limitless, but they include:

  • Better service for your customers
  • Return of investment on your communications solution, especially when switching from analog phones to a VoIP service
  • More dependable communication

TriTech does not just install your voice and data cabling. We maintain a relationship with our customers to ensure you are getting the best. All of our cabling solutions come with a fifteen year warranty.

If you need more information please contact us at
(262) 717-0037.

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