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Wireless security is important to prevent unauthorized access or damage to computers using wireless networks. Security protection must be applied to all levels of communication, all entities networked and to all functions used and data processed.


Even if you don't have a wireless network? Correct.

Many organizations believe that since they have no wireless access points installed in their network, wireless security is a non-issue. They are mistaken. Almost all laptop computers purchased for corporate use are now equipped with wireless cards. This means that when a wireless-enabled laptop is plugged in to the wired network, that laptop can be broadcasting wirelessly.

A person with malicious intent could therefore gather information from this broadcast and even gain access to your wired network.


When one of your employees turns on a computer, it may automatically connect to a wireless network--and that network may not be your company's. While attached to the overlapping network, proprietary company information is exposed and there could exist a link from one company to the other. This is particularly worrisome if the laptop is also connected to a wired network as well.


The networks created between devices in your organization are peer-to-peer networks without an access point between them. These types of networks usually have little protection, although TriTech can use encryption methods to provide you with more security. These parts of the network are worrisome because an unauthorized device can gain access to a computer in the organization that has critical organizational data obtained through the secured network secured on its hard drive. Another risk is that an unauthorized device can place a computer virus or otherwise undesirable code on a user's computer via the ad-hoc network and find a route to the organization secured network.


There are more wireless devices coming into the workplace every day. Devices you may have forgotten about, such as Bluetooth devices, barcode readers, handheld PDAs, and wireless printers and copiers also need security protection, for the same reason as wireless laptops. Any unsecured device can weaken your enterprise's network security.

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