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Installation of wireless access points, WiFi networks and more wireless services for businesses.

Wireless networks can be convenient when they're working properly, but if yours isn't, TriTech certainly can help. From the initial consultation to see if wireless is the solution for you, to that new printer that you need configured to your network, TriTech has the solution to make your wireless network experience convenient, secure and functioning properly.

TriTech is located in Waukesha, WI and has been providing businesses with IT solutions and services since 1993. TriTech has trained, certified network engineers and technicians available to assist you in implementing solutions that help your business run more smoothly.

TriTech is never more than a phone call away. Call us today at (262) 717-0037 for more information or to request a service.

Wireless Networks


Choosing wireless is easier than ever before. Most computers manufactured today are WiFi enabled, even desktops.

Even computers without built-in WiFi capabilities can be upgraded with a simple card to allow for wireless network and internet access.

Wireless networking is more cost-effective than cabled networks because you save on the installation costs.

Wireless networks are created using wireless access points throughout your building, to ensure that all users can access the network while at work.

Extra security measures need to be put in place to make sure that unauthorized individuals and devices do not have access to your network.

Installing even one wireless access point warrants these extra measures, such as extra network monitoring, an encryption key and password.

Wireless Network Services


TriTech can assist you when your network isn't functioning properly. TriTech also can make repairs to your wireless networking equipment, should repairs be necessary.

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