Since our founding in 1993, we have concentrated on providing only the type of services and products which will contribute to the continued improvement of your business. At TriTech, we believe technology should increase business performance, not business expenses.

We know oftentimes organizations will purchase random technology on a "hunch" it will have a positive outcome, or spend IT funds on frivolous and inappropriate hardware and software that ends up being more trouble than anything. TriTech's goal is to eliminate this over-purchasing and under-production in the IT field and actually align your technology with your business strategy.

As we design each network, each cabling solution and each telephone system in a way to best enhances how a client's business is run, we help ensure increased production and efficiency for your organization.

Why Choose TriTech

Why Choose TriTech?

TriTech was founded to guide other businesses to success. Our primary goal will always be to best serve our clients and provide them with quality services and products to meet their goals.

  • Customer Success

    At TriTech, we measure our success not by the amount of clients we service of revenue we bring in, but by the success of our clients. If your technology solution is not enhancing your business operations, we have not done our job. We measure our success by yours, and by aligning our goals with your organization's, we ensure that we will do our best to help your business in every way possible.

  • Honesty

    TriTech was formed by individuals disgusted by the lying and deception so prevalent in the business world. This is why we strive to always be 100% honest, even if it means less profit or a more difficult job. We want to be consistently ethical and trustworthy.

  • Experience

    TriTech has been in operation since 1993 and has the most experienced, trained technicians and engineers on payroll.

    With nearly 20 years of experience, TriTech utilizes the expertise of trained, certified, knowledgable staff amplified by two decades of assisting businesses just like yours become successful.

  • Partners

    TriTech has partnered with key solution providers such as Microsoft, Cisco, Novell, Xerox, HP, IBM, Digium and Epson to enable us to support our customers with responsive, efficient, and effective solutions.

TriTech Corporation is an IT company who provides single-source technology solutions. By interacting with TriTech as a one-stop-shop for all your information technology needs, you keep your costs low and processes efficient. These technology solutions include computer networking, PC and printer service, telephony phone systems, and structured data and voice cabling.

Want to Know More?

For more information, please contact us at 262.717.0037 or visit our History page.

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