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The Double Robotics Telepresence Robot is your solution for remote working.

Be present without being here.

Blending futuristic style with intuitive controls, our partners at Double Robotics bring mobile telepresence to your office today with the Double Telepresence Robot.

Contact us at (262) 717-0037 or toll-free at (800) 891-3388 or by email at service (at) tritechcoa (dot) com to find out how the Double can empower your workforce.

How does the Double robot work?

How Does the Double Robot Work?

The Double is simple to operate yet highly effective.

A pair of wheels uses self-balancing technology to hold up an adjustable-height pole. You attach an iPad to the pole. The rechargeable, wireless Double then acts as, well, your double.

The attached iPad is your camera, speaker and microphone. You adjust the camera to focus on who you’re talking to, and it comes with a wide-angle lens attachment for use in conferences. The iPad screen projects your image and voice to your officemates, so you’re always speaking with you face-to-face.

All adjustments are performed wirelessly through your network. You log in to Double over wifi or a cellular network and maneuver remotely using the Double app on your iOS device or Google Chrome. This means that you can be in the office wherever you have a signal.

It’s the most natural presence you can get with remote video conferencing!

Benefits of the Double Robotics Telepresence Robot

Benefits of the Double Robotics Telepresence Robot

Robots are no longer the future. They’re a reality of the modern Milwaukee office.

Why are so many businesses choosing a Double?

  • Telecommuters. A Double removes limitations you thought were unavoidable. You’re no longer stuck on a screen in the conference room. You’re in the hallways and offices again.
  • Remote workers. A Double brings you back into the ad hoc talk that fills offices and builds workplace trust. You don’t require a formal video conference to be among everyone.
  • Experts. A Double means you can incorporate grade-A talent wherever they’re located. Geography will never limit you again.
  • Moving workers. A Double lets you retain your valued workers when life pulls them away from your city. They can keep performing their vital roles with the Double giving them presence.

The Double is a creative product. It expands your capabilities. And the Double is also a practical product. It brings workers together.

TriTech's Double Robotics Telepresence Robot Services

TriTech’s Double Robotics Telepresence Robot Services

If you think that the Double Telepresence Robot would be good for your business—even if you’re just curious—give TriTech a call. We’d love to here from you!

We are fully certified by our partners at Double Robotics to service the Double Telepresence Robot:

  • Consultation. Thinking about getting a Double but are unsure? Give us a call, and we’ll consult with you.
  • Design. Not sure about how best to bring a Double into your office space? Our design engineers can help.
  • Installation. Need help installing a Double? Our technicians are manufacturer-certified by Double Robotics.
  • Integration. Want to integrate a Double into your existing video conferencing ecosystems? Our engineers bring a wealth of industry experience to the job.
  • Optimization. Trying to optimize your network to guarantee best performance of your Double? Our certified engineers know just what to do.
  • Troubleshooting. Having some difficulties with your Double? Our licensed technicians will have you up and running in no time.

TriTech is Milwaukee’s premier single-source IT service provider. We save you time and stress by being your one-stop shop for all your business technology needs. Our specialized divisions, staffed by licensed, experienced engineers and technicians, cover every aspect of enterprise IT.

Contact us at (262) 717-0037 or toll-free at (800) 891-3388 or by email at service (at) tritechcoa (dot) com to learn more about TriTech’s Double Robotics Telepresence Robot services.

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