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Return to business as usual with our Apple repair services, including iPad screen repairs and replacements, and other fixes for broken parts.

iPads are often seen as an investment, both for businesses and individuals. When your device gets damaged, you want it repaired by a reliable service company that has the experience and training necessary to do a great job. TriTech offers iPad repair services for individuals and companies. Whether it's a cracked screen, damaged housing or a broken home button, TriTech can quickly repair your device.

TriTech offers more than basic hardware repairs. We can also service water damaged devices and repair circuit boards as well as recover data on severely damaged devices and transfer it to a new device.

iPad Services Available at TriTech


TriTech has trained their technicians to offer many types of iPad repair. TriTech also has managed service contracts for businesses who use iPads and other mobile devices.

  • Port, screen, button and screen repair
  • Screen replacement
  • Data recovery
  • Data transfer between devices
  • Water damaged device repair
  • Device networking
  • Service contracts for businesses
iPad use in businesses


iPads help your business stay mobile. They offer productivity-boosting applications, long battery life, secure and instant access to information and interoperability with iPhone and iPad built right in. Ease of use and powerful business applications engage your employees and give them the ability to work from anywhere.

Service Contracts for iPads


iPads are qualified for TriTech's mobile solution service contracts. Mobile solution service contracts give peace-of-mind to businesses by including:

  • Parts and labor for repairs as needed
  • Networking support
  • Email integration
  • IT support during business hours
  • Antivirus and malware protection

If you would like more information on our mobile device service contracts, please contact your account manager or call our main office at (262) 717-0037.

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