TriTech Corporation is a Certified Integration Partner with Asterisk, the world’s leading free and open source telephony software that’s used by many Fortune 1000 companies. TriTech is one of the only Asterisk integrators in the state of WI that has full-time, certified Asterisk phone system engineers on staff and has been doing so since 2004.

Certification Requirements for Asterisk Integration Partners

TriTech has proven the knowledge and skills to successfully meet the requirement standards set by Digium in order to become an Asterisk Integration Partner. We are a Digium Select Channel Partner, the highest tier of membership, and completed training of the certification curriculum. Additionally, since our technicians have been supporting and integration for over a decade, they can support most any revision or Asterisk distribution you may be using.

dCAA Digium Certified Asterisk Administrator has validated knowledge specific to Asterisk – basic competency, installing, configuring, and administering an Asterisk system – as well as general telephony and VoIP.

Due to these necessary prerequisites, TriTech has computer network engineers become Asterisk certified professionals. They can customize Asterisk phone systems specifically for your business or organization with features such as voicemail, conference calling, interactive voice response, and automatic call distribution.

According to Digium:

“Building an IP PBX out of raw Asterisk requires some fairly advanced technical skills, including a good working knowledge of IP networking, Linux/Unix system administration skills, traditional telephony experience and script programming know-how.”

Lifecycle Management Services

TriTech offers Digium-certified support and professional services for Asterisk phone systems in Wisconsin, old and new.

Corevalue Plan

If you’re interested in Asterisk or a new phone system, TriTech has complimentary initial consultations to go over what you’re looking for and the obstacles you currently have.

Corevalue Analyze

You’ll tell us functionality and user requirements you have. For existing Asterisk systems, we’ll run a study to find the source of problems that need addressing and gain insight on how to meet your new goals.

Corevalue Design

Once a solution is approved, certified design engineers put together your phone system by getting the necessary IP phones, licenses, programs, and other material such as proper cabling.

Learn about phone cabling services from TriTech

Corevalue Implement

TriTech can gradually migrate your business from a legacy PBX or convert with a single turn around – it’s up to you. An Asterisk certified professional will provision your phones and server on-site, ensuring seamless operation and quality.

Corevalue Support

TriTech offers complete lifecycle support services for Asterisk phone systems. We are available for maintenance and adjustments – even if we didn’t provide your Asterisk system, we can service it.

Asterisk Business Phone Systems from TriTech, Digium Select Channel Partner & Reseller in Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison

TriTech is an Asterisk Integration Partner and Digium Select Channel Partner with the certifications and networking experience to provide complete phone services for your business or organization. Get started with a PBX solution from Asterisk and TriTech today, (262) 717-0037 or toll-free 24/7 at (800) 891-3388.