Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a wireless technology that enhances upon barcoding through digitalization. With minimal interference and maximum reading distance, RFID eliminates the weaknesses of barcodes and transforms them into advantages – RFID can improve the read rate of inventory to 95-99% from an average 63%.

TriTech Corporation of America provides RFID services and solutions in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, and throughout Wisconsin. An IT services company in southeastern Wisconsin for over 20 years, TriTech supports and designs RF technology solutions for businesses and organizations.

Why TriTech?

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Wireless Networking & RFID Data. Wireless connectivity is of upmost importance for RFID solutions – and we’re certified in both, so why not save time and money with wireless networking and RFID services from TriTech?

TriTech is trained and authorized to use the Netscout™ AirMagnet Wi-Fi Analyzer Pro, a superior wireless tool for site surveys to detect interference, unreachable areas, and high range points. One of the only certified IT companies in southeastern Wisconsin, our experienced technicians spare you unnecessary stress by creating a heat map of your wireless network and determining how to attain the best coverage for your RFID strategy as well as general business operations.

No Surprises. You get an advantage with TriTech. For an RFID deployment to be successful, your wireless network must be accessible with strong signals at the scanning location. The Netscout™ AirMagnet gives an accurate, thorough analysis of your network and signal strength so we can easily design your solution and you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Full-Service IT Company. TriTech is made up of specialized divisions and a one-stop shop for your RFID solution.

We can design and support:

  • an access control solution that integrates surveillance
  • an RFID solution that adds a new wireless networking infrastructure
  • RFID printers for repair and maintenance services

What makes TriTech truly different: we provide services for RFID strategies at any stage of their systems lifecycle – from the beginning of the plan to completing the solution.

If you’re starting a solution or unsure if it’s the right choice, we can plan out your objective and how RFID technology will help. If you’re stuck on moving forward or need a solution to be developed, we can analyze your current system and design a way to apply RFID. If you have uninstalled software or readers, we can implement them properly and efficiently.

Or, if you’re encountering operation issues or confusion over your technology’s functionality, we can support your strategy – even if it’s not our own!


RFID Services from TriTech

TriTech offers RFID services to businesses that have existing RFID technology systems or seeking a new solution. Whether you’re looking to complete your asset tracking strategy or expand upon what you already have, TriTech can help you and your business with RFID.

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Asset Tracking & Inventory Management
are similar in that an item’s data is sent to a central management system. Asset tracking is the monitoring and logging of shared internal resources, such as library books and company-owned equipment. Inventory management is real-time data of displayed product for comparison to sale transactions and available stock.

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RFID Printers
can be used for wristbands, such as temporary identification of a medical patient, and keyless cards, such as access control of restricted areas.

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are for supply chain management by tracking the delivery between sender and receiver.

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Access Control & Keyless Entry
secure against unauthorized access and track the location of personnel.

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Hard Drive Replacement
will transfer your data for an upgrade and find compatible hardware for your current system.

Examples of Verticals for RFID Systems

RF technology benefits businesses and productivity by saving time and reducing costs. TriTech builds on this by ensuring your solution is done correctly the first time by an experienced professional.

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Inventory management collects and sends real-time data of in-stock product quickly to omnichannel outlets – social media, websites, applications, etc. – and for ordering analysis. Logistics monitor shipments and expectant arrival times.

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Manufacturing & Warehouses.
Inventory management to keep up to date on stock and supply for future orders. Logistics prevent conflict by allowing shipments to be monitored by the sender and receiver for clarification and confirmation of deliveries.

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RFID printers provide patients with identification wristbands with better readability than handwriting and durability than pen. Access control to restricted areas secures unauthorized entry with credentials and locates employees. Asset tracking of expensive, mobile medical equipment reduces theft and loss.

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Asset tracking of borrowed materials reduces theft and identifies responsibility for damages. Access control limits and logs those who enter secured areas.

Methodology of RFID Services

TriTech offers RFID services and support for new and existing systems. Partners with industry leaders such as Impinj and RedBeam, our specialized technicians are certified to successfully help your business with an RFID solution.

Corevalue Plan

Complimentary RFID consultation services from TriTech will help you plan the transition from barcodes or introduction of a scanning strategy. You’ll tell us your objective – from asset tracking to logistics – and how you want to improve on what you currently have. Our friendly IT consultants are experienced professionals who take the time to fully understand your business and goals, efficiently helping you in the right direction.

Corevalue Analyze

Using the NetScout™ AirMagnet Analyzer Pro, a certified technician will perform an in-depth wireless analysis of your network infrastructure and physical space. By reading the connectivity range of the premise, you won’t worry about redoing your solution because we prepare the specifics correctly the first time for our authorized design engineers.

Corevalue Design

Our design services progress forward from the consultation and analysis by mapping out how to apply an RFID strategy to your business.

Corevalue Implement

RFID implementation and integration services are available for businesses that have yet to do so or are relocating. If you’ve started to piece together the supplies you have but struggling or overwhelmed, RFID-certified professionals at TriTech are experienced with network configuration and implementation services.

Corevalue Support

If you’re experiencing inconsistencies or frustrations with your existing RF system, TriTech offers RFID support services for all manufacturers and issues. Don’t be hassled by an IT company who hassled you and your solution – TriTech has a reputation of effectiveness and reliability to put your mind at ease.

RFID Partners & Service Certifications

TriTech is one of the only IT companies with RFID services authorized and certified to use the NetScout™ AirMagnet Analyzer Pro, a superior wireless tool for site surveys to detect interference, unreachable areas, and high range points. TriTech partners with RFID industry leaders to offer our clients top-of-the-line solutions and overall support services.

  • Alien
  • Intermec
  • TSL
  • Clearstream
  • RedBeam
  • Wasp
  • Impinj
  • Sato USA
  • Zebra

Superior RFID Services & Support in Metro Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin

Find out the benefits that an RFID solution can add to your business and learn more about how TriTech can help. Call us today at (262) 717-0037 or toll-free 24/7 at (800) 891-3388.