Structured cabling is a complete organizational framework for easier management of your network cabling infrastructure. TriTech Corporation of America provides structured cabling services in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, and throughout Wisconsin.

Certified by BICSI, cable service technicians at TriTech are trained and comply with TIA/EIA standards for telecommunications and cabling.

Why TriTech?

Our BICSI-authorized technicians certify the specifications of all cables and adhere to TIA/EIA standards compliance, accredited members of ANSI. Since 1993, TriTech has been a full-service IT company in metro Milwaukee with experienced cabling technicians who are certified to use the Fluke Networks DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer™, an elite tool verifying that a system meets or exceeds specification requirements.

All cabling services are covered with a 15-year warranty and use the highest quality products. We have successfully implemented data centers and telecommunication rooms with backbone cabling and horizontal cabling.

Structured cabling requires a standardized solution, designed and installed properly to specification for efficient functionality and avoiding future complications. We are able to plan, analyze, design, integrate, and support new projects and administer on existing systems. Structured cabling is crucial because it is the foundation to connectivity. High-speed availability can be beneficial only with the appropriate capable tools and experienced professionals. At TriTech, our cabling technicians have successfully trained and been certified to deliver superior service that shows results to your business.

Cabling Design

Types of Structured Network Cabling Services & Support

Structured systems enable anyone to easily manage, build upon, and maintain the cabling infrastructure.

ethernet cable icon

Ethernet Cabling
TriTech offers structured Ethernet cabling services and support.

  • Cat 3 - used for voice and 10Mb Ethernet
  • Cat 5 - most common cable used for 10/100Mb Ethernet and works for voice
  • Cat 5e - enhanced Cat 5 cable used to reach up to Gigabit Ethernet
  • Cat 6 - used for Gigabit Ethernet
  • Cat 7 - (also called Class F cable) fully-shielded and can support up to 600 MHz
Fiber Optic Cabling Icon

Fiber Optic Cabling
TriTech provides structured fiber optic services for high-speed data solutions. From horizontal cabling to backbone cabling, our certified technicians abide by industry standards and city regulations to deliver safe, compliant cabling and repairs.

Computer Icon

Structured Computer Cabling
Easily manage cables and efficiently run your network with structured computer cabling from TriTech. Cabling solutions and services from TriTech can include:

  • Data racks & Rack management (horizontal, vertical)
  • Data cabinets
  • Patch panels
  • Wall plates
  • Modular jacks
  • RJ45 plugs
Cabling Structure Icon

Structured Voice and Data Cabling
Many different components go into a network infrastructure used for telecommunications including cable management and network optimization.

Wireless Icon

Structured Wireless LAN
Mobility and innovation won’t sacrifice security and functionality with structured cabling services for wireless networks by TriTech. Maintain high speeds and stable connectivity for your business with our experienced technicians, who are certified to comply with negligence resistance and cabling standards.

Methodology of Structured Cabling Services from TriTech

TriTech provides structured cabling services and solutions in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, and across Wisconsin. Our BICSI-certified technicians will properly administer new and current structured cabling systems following TIA/EIA standards.

plan icon

TriTech offers structured cabling consultations for new projects or existing systems. If you’re uncertain about the services and planning that you’ve received from other cabling companies in Milwaukee or southeastern Wisconsin, a trained technician from TriTech can review the blueprint and offer a second opinion to put your mind at ease.

analysis icon

A certified cabling technician analyzes any prior plans you’ve made and cabling that isn’t structured using the Fluke Networks DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer™, verifying that a system meets or exceeds specification requirements before the design.

design icon

Based on the information from the plan and analysis phases, a certified design engineer develops your structured cabling solution for approval and makes modifications as needed.

implement icon

Cabling technicians are trained to certify all cabling and install with the best practices. If you have a system infrastructure that isn’t setup, we provide services to complete installations.

support icon

Cabling support services from TriTech are available for any and all issues. Our technical support will provide remote assistance with many appointments scheduled same-day or next-day.

Cabling Certifications & Training

Cabling technicians at TriTech are certified for standards compliance and regulations to successfully and safely install your custom solution. They’re experienced experts who meet or exceed our qualification requirements with five years of experience and continuous certification and training.

The Leading IT Company for Certified Structured Cabling Services & Support in Metro Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Structured cabling requires certified professionals to ensure proper specification and installation. Start your cabling solution with TriTech today, (262) 717-0037 or toll-free 24/7 at (800) 891-3388.


  • BICSI Certified:
    • Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD)
    • Registered Telecommunications Project Manager (RTPM)
    • Data Center Design Consultant (DCDC)
    • Outside Plant (OSP) Designer
    • ITS Installer 1
    • ITS Installer 2, Copper
    • ITS Installer 2, Optical Fiber
    • ITS Technician
  • TIA/EIA Standards Compliance
  • Ethernet Standards Compliance (Cat 3, 5, 5e, 6, 7)
  • Fluke Networks DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer™
  • CommScope PartnerPro
  • Panduit Business Partner