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Xerox-Certified Printing Solutions & Repair
in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, Wisconsin

TriTech Corporation is a Platinum Partner with Xerox, the global leader in business process and document management. TriTech offers Xerox office and production solutions for business printing.

Partner commitment
at the top tier, hand selected to join the exclusive Xerox community.

Multiple areas of specialization
that provide the broadest range of product access, representing the cutting-edge of the digital printing industry and embodies innovation.

Must meet guidelines and criteria
surrounding in-house production equipment and overall knowledge of the graphic arts and printing industries.

Demonstrated technology and service expertise.

Extensive sales and technical training.

Back-office infrastructure & dedicated resources.

Xerox Certified Printing Solutions & Services

Lifecycle Management Services

Looking for a new business printer? Interested in learning about managed print services? TriTech will help you at any phase of your system lifecycle.

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A complimentary initial consultation with TriTech will show you the options available from Xerox to make your decision more clear and informed, such as if it’d be in your better interest for a broken printer to be replaced than repaired.

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We’ll align your goals with user requirements, and your current system if applicable, to analyze how Xerox and our services can best achieve both.

Learn how TriTech customizes managed print services for businesses with Xerox.

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TriTech can help you with a new print fleet design or one that you’ve previously started. After your approval of a solution, our design engineers build your system by developing the specifics – from replacement parts to printing server components.

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Our print technicians are authorized to integrate and test Xerox equipment, whether an uninstalled machine you already have or one provided for your solution from TriTech.

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For or support and existing Xerox printing systems, TriTech offers the following lifecycle services:

  • Planning of new Xerox solutions and existing system changes
  • Analysis of printing problems, functionality issues, and repairs
  • Design of expansions and replacements
  • Implementation of printers and network troubleshooting
  • Support of Xerox and products

Verticals for Xerox Printers, Services, Repair

As a Xerox Platinum Partner, TriTech has helped numerous organizations and businesses with printing solutions and repair services in Wisconsin.

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Quality and reliability are common concerns for those with a high print volume – and Xerox Integrated Solutions put these concerns to rest, proven to deliver a solid return on investment. As a Xerox Platinum Partner, TriTech can implement secure network connectivity for sensitive information and proactively monitor printing to avoid downtime.

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Printing fleet reduction results in less maintenance, saving time and money, and quicker speed production than older end-of-life devices. Most American businesses don’t know how much they spend on print, budgets and financial records not taking the costs into account. With Xerox managed services from TriTech, you’ll get a clear and accurate total of how much is spent.

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From computer labs to entire campuses, students and staff rely on printing for a wide array of documents without interruption. Improve green initiatives by using less energy and paper supply with updated Xerox products and recycling with the Xerox Green World Alliance®.

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Managed services from TriTech and Xerox relieves IT personnel from print duties – that way, they can concentrate on and tend to more important business operations and technology security. Uncover the total costs of printing while also reducing the number of devices and energy consumption.

Printer Repair & Managed Printing Services from TriTech, Xerox Platinum Partner in Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison

TriTech is Waukesha’s trusted source for printing services and solutions, a Xerox Platinum Partner with an authorized depot repair center and managed print services. Reclaim your print costs and management with Xerox and TriTech today, (262) 717-0037 or toll-free 24/7 at (800) 891-3388.