TriTech Corporation of America provides managed print services in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, and metro areas across Wisconsin. For over 20 years, businesses have selected managed print services from TriTech because of our commitment to delivering premium products and consistent services at reasonable prices.

What are Managed Print Services?

Managed print services are a fixed cost-per-page agreement to help businesses plan budgets and manage print supplies and services more efficiently. Every year, the price of printer ink and toners increases, but with a print agreement from TriTech, your monthly supply cost will remain the same and include warranty service.

All managed print service packages include:

  • FREE on-site repair service
  • FREE ground shipping of consumables so you never run out
  • FREE hardware installation in metro Milwaukee
  • Warranty extension or addition to your current printer
  • Guaranteed pricing for duration of contract
  • Up to a five-year term agreement

How TriTech Customizes Managed Print Services

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Assessment & Recommendation
TriTech will thoroughly analyze your current printing environment to determine your total cost of ownership, then a recommendation will be provided to decrease your overall cost.

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Print Fleet Optimization
TriTech will redeploy or acquire hardware for you and your service level will be customized to maximize productivity and lower costs.

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Remote Monitoring & Management
You have the option to automatically monitor devices for consumable usage, service issues and life cycle asset management.

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Automatic Supplies Fulfillment
If opting for remote monitoring, supplies will be automatically delivered to your location based on a predetermined threshold. This reduces your inventory cost while ensuring you never run out of toner.

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Consolidated Invoice
A single, consolidated invoice based on your per-page cost, level pay plan or other flexible terms will remove unexpected expenses.

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Continuous Review & Optimization
An account review will validate your return on investment and further recommendations to meet your changing business needs.

Consumables Available for Managed Print Services from TriTech

Xerox Managed Print
includes toner and maintenance of your Xerox printer.

Xerox UniPrint
for Graphic Arts are adjusted based on your average usage.

UniPrint NX for non-Xerox
printers is offered for certain brands and models.

UniPrint NX-T for non-Xerox
printers includes toner only and is offered for certain brands & models.

Why Use Managed Print Services?

Managed print services from TriTech offer immense benefits for businesses and organizations.

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Print service agreements from TriTech include a warranty extension or renewal on your printing devices, repairs and maintenance, and installations.

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Eliminate the cycle of running out, ordering, and waiting on toner and ink. Managed services are one less thing for you to worry about and IT departments can stay focused on more crucial tasks than manners regarding print.

affordable icon

Annually, the price of print consumables rises. With pay-per-use, costs are a fraction of the price and increases won’t be a concern for you throughout your term.

Prepared icon

By predicting how much you print, you’ll have enough in stock and also be able to order additional supplies for FREE ground shipping.

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Having a steady expense will help you create and manage budgets easier than the unpredictability of fluctuating spending.

Methodology: How TriTech Customizes Your Managed Print Service

TriTech abides by the Systems Support Lifecycle for service management and offerings. A step-by-step approach to all solutions, the systems lifecycle is the framework for our methodology of services that thoroughly assesses how managed print will help your business.

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If you’ve never had a managed printing service before, our knowledgeable consultants will be happy to provide you information and explain how the program works. They’ll take a look at your current setup and compare how a managed service will benefit your business. Then, TriTech will create a detailed plan for your printing contract based on the consultation.

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If you are reaching the end of a contract term elsewhere and seeking alternatives, TriTech can offer analytical insight and service comparison. By examining your current system setup, we conclude how much you print and the best management option for those requirements without overpaying or surplus.

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TriTech offers complete design services as part of a managed print solution. Whether you need a new or updated printing system, our certified design engineers can customize a printing solution complete with hardware and a managed service that complements your business strategy and is appropriate for your use. They will work with you on adjustments and changes so that the design meets your ideal expectations.

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Trained printer technicians carry out the approved design, from machine updates to monitoring device installation, and your managed print service begins!

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TriTech is available for support services throughout your printing contract term. Before renewing your agreement near expiration, we will reevaluate your system and make the appropriate changes.

Who Uses Managed Print Services?

Managed printing services are a reliable approach for consistent consumable supply and hardware functionality – all without any hassle for you!

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From large quantities of form copies to patient files and information, printing is a frequent and important task in medical administration. Records must be legible and jobs must be processed efficiently without sacrificing network security.

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Printing multiple documents between 10 and 100 pages on a daily basis is no small resource requirement of a task. Managed services is a refreshing solution in a profession of hectic schedules, stressful situations, and office necessities.

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Continuous mass printing of listings, data sheets, applications, distribution copies, brochures, and contact forms is part of the job. Make this common, draining task easier and concentrate on real estate and property.

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Organizations not only save time with managed print but also save money to sustain valuable resources and maintain priority work.

Education Icon

Instructors print educational material, lesson handouts, project assignments, study guides, and testing – per student, per course. Students print informative documents and websites, research reports and articles, instructor-assigned notes, and homework. Staff print notices, flyers, and maintain personnel data updates.

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Keep focus on producing, not printing. With managed print services, ink and supplies will be one less thing to worry about. We automatically get notified of your printing status and service requests within 24 hours or less.

Reliable Managed Print Services in Metro Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin

For more information on managed print services or to start a cost-effective agreement with TriTech today, call us at (262) 717-0037 or toll-free 24/7 at (800) 891-3388.