Spam messages make up more than half of inbound business email traffic, while more than three-fourths of legitimate websites have unpatched vulnerabilities, according to the 2016 Internet Security Threat Report. It isn’t any surprise, then, that all security breaches – yes, 100% – have happened to organizations with perimeter security like firewalls and proxy servers.

These are a few common network security problems that disrupt businesses. You can run the most successful company but it can be destroyed if insufficient security measures are in place. Threats and attacks bypass standard cybersecurity and TriTech is in the business to deal with and prevent these risks so you don’t have to.

Does your business have any of the following:

  • A virus, malware infection, ransomware, or data breach?
  • Outdated or obsolete security measures?
  • Popup messages, strange notifications, or error alerts?
  • “Security certificate expired” warning?
  • Restart or update failure?
  • Missing security patches?
  • Computer locking issues?

TriTech Corporation of America offers cyber security services in Milwaukee, Madison, Waukesha, and throughout Wisconsin. An IT company in southeastern Wisconsin, TriTech has successfully helped businesses with security breaches including denial-of-service attacks and hacking.

Wisconsin trusts TriTech for Cybersecurity

“Theft of digital information has become the most commonly reported fraud, surpassing physical theft.” – FCC

Security experts at TriTech are trained and certified to protect your employees, customers, data, and entire network infrastructure from security threats. In the long run, taking the time to enforce network security will save you time and money – but only when conducted by an experienced network professional.

Network Security

One-Stop Shop for Cybersecurity in Southeastern Wisconsin

When searching for IT service companies in Wisconsin, you need to make sure that they have trained and earned authorized accreditations and partnerships. 56% of organizations suffered one or more outages from security infrastructure misconfiguration, according to a 2014 survey. You have better chances of an outage than correctly guessing a coin flip, but you have the power to change that with TriTech.

Every network engineer meets or exceeds the requirements of our qualification standards with a Bachelor’s degree, five-plus years or more of IT experience, and certifications. They are trained and experienced to help make sure you’re not part of the 56%.

Cyber Security Services from TriTech

One of the most extensive IT providers for cyber security services in Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin, TriTech is certified to cover your whole information technology environment – Internet, network, and endpoints – and help protect from threats, vulnerabilities, and intrusions.

Perimeter & Internet Security


Firewalls act as a guard between your internal network and outside networks including the Internet to prevent unauthorized users and harmful access. The first line of perimeter defense, firewall security is an affordable device that also protects your network, computers, servers, endpoints, and data.

Blocked from threats and defended against attacks such as:

  • Denial of service
  • Malware (viruses, worms, Trojans, etc.)
  • Wiretapping for VoIP systems
  • Spying for IP surveillance cameras
Network  Security

Wireless Network Security

When we say “wireless,” we mean both network and devices. A wireless access point (WAP) makes network connectivity available, but you’re still vulnerable even if you don’t have one. Any wired device on your network that has Wi-Fi capability can be broadcasting wirelessly without you knowing – it’s no wonder that 92% of CIOs worry that their wireless security is inadequate!

Yes, wireless security is significant even if you have a laptop or printer with Wi-Fi technology and no wireless network. And, if you do have a WAP, security is even more important.

Lock Icon

Multiple WAPs
is a common strategy to separate different levels of accessibility, such as guests and employees & lower level and upper management. However, “the more, the merrier” isn’t entirely fitting with WAPs – each access point is one more way for threats and vulnerabilities to attempt entry – and with over 50% of guest access unsecured, “the more, the riskier.”

Every WAP needs security management, access control, antivirus protection, and active monitoring. It may seem like a lot, but the wireless security experts at TriTech will help you with protecting your networks and connections.

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Wireless Site Analysis
is a full evaluation of your wireless network’s performance and security. TriTech is trained and certified to use the Netscout™ AirMagnet Wi-Fi Analyzer, the highest quality tool on the market for recording and interpreting wireless network data. Using the latest industry tools and techniques such as heat maps, we can run security reports with information on:

Rogue Access Points
Rogue APs are unauthorized WAPs installed on a network without prior consent and a serious security threat. Usually, someone brings their own WAP because of poor wireless coverage but doesn’t securely install it, which can be used to gain access for malicious intent.

Regulation Compliance
Laws and provisions vary by industry and TriTech can check the security and privacy of your wireless network. Standards include HIPAA for healthcare and PCI DSS for consumer financial data.

Security Vulnerability
Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is deficient and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) has several flaws and defects. TriTech is experienced in locating and correcting these weaknesses.

Network Security

Access Control & Identity Management

Access control and management protects your infrastructure against port scanning, password cracking, session hijacking, and other unauthorized connections that can compromise data. With breaches from human error nearly doubling and user devices rising almost 50% in the last five years, this closed approach is ideal for simple deployments. Restrictions allow only certain identities (such as devices and MAC addresses) to access applications, networks, resources, and services.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems

The number of breaches has more than tripled – increasing 300% – over the past five years with no signs of slowing; about half occurred within the last three years. Firewalls look outwardly to protect against the Internet and outside networks, but where does that leave your internal network? TriTech can take your network security to the next level. Intrusion Detection Systems look inward and evaluate suspected activity, signaling the alarm to notify you of the event and take action. Intrusion Prevention Systems go one step further and actively terminate detected intrusions for you.

Web content filters can be applied by category:

  • Violence and weapons
  • Gambling and games
  • Politics, religions, and beliefs
  • Shopping and personal
  • Pornography and adult
  • Illegal and questionable subjects
  • Sports and entertainment
  • Multimedia and downloads

Web Filtering

Web content filters restrict access of inappropriate Internet material from your employees and network, reducing risks and improving uptime. In a UK study, employees admitted to feeling achievement at work only 3.6 days per week, equaling 70 days per year. By reducing how much they can stray from tasks, you’re helping their productivity and your business.

Specific types of information can also be blocked with Internet filtering:

Computer Icon Large

Website URL

Corevalue Analyze

Search engines

Picture Icon Large

Photos and downloads

Chat Icon Large

Phrases and text

Virus Protection

Antivirus Software

Antivirus software for your endpoints protects the final destinations of your network infrastructure. Undetected threats can gain access into your network via PCs and servers, breaching all the security measures you’ve implemented and obtaining confidential data. Over half a billion personal information records were stolen in 2015, however, so virus protection is not enough by itself. Security experts at TriTech can add antivirus software as part of your customized protection plan. Antivirus software can protect against:

Adware & Rootkits


Browser hijacking


E-Mail Filtering

Email content filters are more useful and valuable than ever. Spear-phishing emails have more than tripled – increasing 320% – in the last four years, despite a decrease in recipients and messages. Email filters can help compensate when curiosity triumphs, judgment strays, and security knowledge fails.

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Spam messages
(with websites linking to malware and phishing)

Lock Icon

Identity theft

Hijacking Icon

Phishing attacks
(for sensitive, financial, private information)

Malware Icon Large

Malware & viruses

Proactive Monitoring Solutions

The approach at TriTech is a simple one: be proactive, not just reactive. With that in mind, we analyze issues and design solutions that are innovating, addressing potential complications and planning for the future.

Proactive monitoring services from TriTech help to keep your network running efficiently. We protect your network by putting appropriate cyber security measures in place. We reduce downtime by actively eliminating issues before they develop and updating improvements after high-traffic hours. We provide support 24/7 for any changes or concerns that you have.

Partners for Security Services from TriTech

TriTech is a partner of network security providers including:

  • Avaya Connect Silver Partner
  • Barracuda Channel Partner
  • Cisco Premier Partner
  • D-Link
  • Microsoft Certified Silver Partner
  • Netgear Authorized Reseller

Cyber Security Support

No matter how much or little security your IT infrastructure has, TriTech can evaluate your perimeter, Internet, computer, and network security system. Our authorized security professionals can analyze, troubleshoot, and support your existing security or design a new network security solution. Get started with a free initial consultation today with TriTech Corporation of America, (262) 717-0037 or toll-free 24/7 at (800) 891-3388.