Virtual PBX are business phone systems that are hosted off-site and accessible over the Internet by users at different locations – a more manageable and cost-effective alternative to on-site PBX. Hosted phone systems allow you to concentrate on everything else in your business, eliminating hassles from maintenance and updates by taking care of themselves.

For more than a decade, TriTech Corporation of America has successfully provided unified communications and supported virtual PBX in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, and throughout Wisconsin.

Why TriTech?

Full-Service for Quality of Service. Virtual PBX requires expertise not only in telephony but networking to optimize your traffic for the voice data. TriTech has specialized divisions to focus on both technologies within your solution – unlike other IT companies in southeastern Wisconsin that may not be experienced with VoIP or certified to provision phone systems.

Quality of Service (QoS) is how the audio data travels on your network and sounds on each end. Poor QoS is avoidable but results from lack of configuration include:

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Unclear audio

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Dropped calls

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Network security faults

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Unexpected downtime

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Application issues (account registration, user access, etc.)

Our network engineers and phone technicians train and certify for the newest technology to offer you innovative, cutting-edge solutions for your business. TriTech partners and certifies with reputable VoIP and phone system manufacturers that our clients trust and utilize.

Methodology for Virtual PBX Services & VoIP Phone Systems from TriTech

TriTech provides a variety of hosted and IP-PBX services in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, and throughout Wisconsin. With a track record of successful virtual PBX solutions, our certified technicians have developed and implemented phone systems for businesses at all stages.

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VoIP & PBX System Consultation. TriTech offers hosted VoIP phone system consultations for businesses that are unsure about the technology and want to learn how it could help their strategy. A certified phone consultant will meet with you about your goals and explain what a virtual PBX will accomplish to reach them.

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Network & System Analysis. To get started on a hosted phone system, TriTech will have a network engineer and phone specialist run a network analysis of your IT infrastructure. For existing IP phone systems, they’ll determine how to best execute your new strategy with what you have.

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PBX Design. An authorized design engineer will suggest a service and create a complete solution that’s compatible with your network tools and business technology.

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Virtual PBX Installation. Any software, any developer, we install. Virtual PBX and VoIP phone system installation services are available for new systems and incomplete setups. Network engineers trained in phone systems will integrate your program properly and configure your network architecture optimally for premium call quality. TriTech can supply and service any additional IT supplies that may be required to complete installation services.

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VoIP Phone System Support. Don’t call the IT company that caused problems and expect them to fix it. IT support specialists at TriTech are experienced with network troubleshooting and remote assistance. They may be able to deliver remote network services for your virtual PBX, saving time and money! Replace your situation with a solution from support services at TriTech today.

Vertical Examples for Hosted PBX

TriTech successfully develops and supports virtual PBX services for businesses with proven results.

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Long distance calls are more affordable with VoIP than traditional phone lines.

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Virtual PBX replaces legacy phones systems and frees time for IT departments to focus on more crucial, urgent tasks and projects.

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IP-PBX eliminates phone system management and establishes (or expands) a Unified Communication strategy.

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Connect multiple buildings and campuses without the hassle of maintaining multiple on-site PBX systems.

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Improve mobility and stay connected with IP-PBX features such as mobile applications and seamless in-call transfer.

  • 3CX Silver Partner
  • Asterisk Certified Integration Partner
  • Avaya Connect Silver Partner
  • Cisco Premier Partner
  • Fonality Authorized Partner
  • Incom Authorized Reseller
  • LifeSize Silver Channel Partner
  • Mitel Authorized Partner
  • Sangoma Silver Partner
  • Switchvox Certified Partner

Hosted VoIP Phone Systems & PBX Services in Metro Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin

Wisconsin Off-site phone systems have better security and versatility options, such as mobile device applications, than premise-based PBX systems. Whether you’re experiencing problems with your current virtual PBX or looking to upgrade your business phone system entirely, call TriTech for hosted and VoIP services, (262) 717-0037 or toll-free 24/7 at (800) 891-3388.