Aged or inadequate hardware (3.5+ years) has had a negative impact on server uptime and reliability for half of all businesses, according to the most recent ITIS survey. Computers and servers are open to double the risks, physical and digital damages from hardware failure to cybersecurity.

These are some of the more common problems that businesses have with computers and servers. There are a number of software and hardware reasons that can cause these problems, requiring a professional evaluation to be properly fixed without adding other hassles. Technicians at TriTech are trained and experienced in successful repair services.

We understand the inconvenience and strain put on a business with PC and server problems, which is why our ethics and honesty won’t add to your stress.

For over 20 years, TriTech Corporation of America has provided computer repairs and services in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, and throughout Wisconsin. A full-service IT support company in southeastern Wisconsin, TriTech is the only choice for a one-stop shop with repair experience and resources.

Is your business experiencing any of the following:

  • PC or server running slow, not responding, or frequently down?
  • Data center or computer crashing, overheating, beeping, or making unusual noises?
  • Computer screen freezes up or doesn’t turn on?
  • PC has a virus, malware infection, or error message?
  • Computer login issues, add/remove users or new employee setup for workstation and email?
  • Desktop problems, unable to locate shared files or missing folders?
  • Security alerts/warnings; computers locked up, popup message on screen, all files suddenly encrypted?

Why TriTech?

Our PC and server technicians have repaired thousands of machines…literally. Service and maintenance are completed correctly the first time with TriTech because damages can be irreparable. Each trained professional meets or exceeds the requirements of our qualification standards with five-plus years of experience and certifications because we know that PCs and servers are important in business and that many businesses are reliant on them.

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Organizations trust TriTech for computer repair in Wisconsin. We’ve earned this trust and reputation by showing successful results continuously. Hiring an IT service provider with authorized training and partners is crucial because computing and restoration is not always simple. Inexperience sees the short term and can end up costing you much more in the long term – at TriTech, we see the short term and the long run.

What truly makes TriTech different: we are able to support whichever phase your systems lifecycle is in.

If you want a consultation for technical insight, we can plan suggestions with you. If you’re considering an upgrade or repair, we can analyze your system. If you need replacement parts or added hardware to your network, we can design a solution for you. If your equipment isn’t set up or is moving to a new location, we can implement your system.

Or, if you’re experiencing issues caused by DIYs or other tech professionals, TriTech can provide support services. Any scenario, complication, occurrence, or phase – TriTech has the trained technicians and certifications to help.

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Trusted Telecom & Cabling Services from TriTech

TriTech offers authorized Computer Repair Services in Wisconsin. Our break-and-fix solutions have a track record of completing most repairs within 48 hours and an almost immediate callback time – making us one of the fastest responding IT support companies in Milwaukee. You receive a three-month extended warranty on parts and labor PLUS your choice of on-site repair or our in-house depot repair center.

Cabling Computer

Laptop and PC Repairs
ranging from a monitor screen replacement to RAM upgrade are available for workstations, desktops, and laptops.

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Server Repairs
cover Unix and Linux operating systems from developers such as Apple, Microsoft, HP, IBM, and Novell.

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Data Loss Recovery
is handled by our certified technicians. Due to the importance and quantity of the material, data loss can cause panic and anxiety – and TriTech understands that. We will do all that we can to recover some, maybe all, of your lost data.

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Disaster Recovery Plan
clarifies preventative measures, detective measures, and corrective measures in the event a major incident. Whether you need a strategy created or a team to be involved, TriTech can help.

Hard Drive Icon

Hard Drive Replacement
will transfer your data for an upgrade and find compatible hardware for your current system.

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PC Migration
can be completed within hours for hundreds of computers.

Rfid Icon

RFID System
set up can transmit scanned data into a database or server and as an entry access authenticator.

Gear Icons

Software Configuration
of productivity suites and applications to any number of devices on your network.

(TriTech is committed to your success and working efficiently. The projected times are based on average and depend on the availability of parts and schedules.)

At this time, TriTech does not provide on-site repair services at residences, home offices, and home-based businesses. You can drop off your broken computer to our depot repair center in Waukesha, WI.

Our Depot Repair Center is a complete service facility for business and home office server and computer repair in Waukesha, WI. You may walk-in or schedule to drop-off your equipment, including arrangements for after business hours. We are open weekdays, 8:00AM-5:00 CST. To make an appointment or ask further questions, please contact us at (262) 717-0037.

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Methodology of Computer Services

With specialized service divisions that are unmatched by competitors, TriTech takes the time to properly manage solutions by using the available resources and skills of our extensive team.

Corevalue Plan

During a complimentary initial consultation, you will discuss your central objective and any challenges to overcome. Our experienced technicians work with you to develop a strategy that meets your goals.

Corevalue Analyze

Certified system engineers examine your IT infrastructure to study all the requirements for functionality and compatibility. For difficulties from exisiting systems, they’ll identify the cause and recommend how to resolve it.

Corevalue Design

The data collected from the plan and analysis is brought to our trained designers for development and specifications. This includes any additional equipment such as cabling.

Corevalue Implement

Experienced technicians will convert and integrate the design’s components into your system, doing so effectively and with minimal disruption. For new infrastructures, certified network engineers carefully deploy and extensively secure all equipment.

Corevalue Support

IT support is only one call away with TriTech. We are available 24/7 and typically respond within one hour during business hours. Any repair, upgrade, addition, replacement, and tech service is attainable with a solution from TriTech.

Technology Certifications

The technicians at TriTech meet and exceed qualification standards of five-plus years of experience, a Bachelor’s degree, and certifications to demonstrate they have an advanced knowledge of the technology that they support.

PC & Server Partners

In addition to our team obtaining certifications, we are authorized partners with trusted IT and computer leaders that have the best products on the market for your solution.

  • Fujitsu SELECT Partner
  • HP Authorized Reseller
  • Lenovo Certified Business Partner
    • Warranty authorized repair
  • Microsoft Certified Silver Partner
    • Devices and Deployment – Silver
    • Midmarket Solution Provider – Silver
    • Small Business – Silver
  • Novell Silver Partner
  • Samsung STEP Partner
  • Toshiba Authorized Service Provider


  • Apple ACMT Certified Mac Technician
  • CompTIA Certified:
      A+ Professional Server+ Professional
  • HP Certified Warranty Repairs:
    • Servers
    • PCs – desktop, notebook, laptop computers
  • Novell CNA Certified Administrator
  • Microsoft Certified:
    • Small Business Specialist
    • MCSE Solutions Expert
    • MCSA Solutions Associate
    • MCP+I Professional & Internet
    • MCP Professional
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Managed Computer Services from TriTech

Managed Computer Services from TriTech are a cost-effective option for businesses and organizations. Our contracts help make budgeting easier because you are locked into one price that’s guaranteed to not increase. You don’t have to worry about cloud backup, data storage, virtualization, or file management – let TriTech handle IT for you. PLUS, you receive free on-site service from a certified technician, free remote IT support, and free installation. This managed service is available only from TriTech – you can’t get benefits like these anywhere else!

Authorized PC & Server Repair and Services in Metro Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin

TriTech has provided successful repairs and services on thousands of PCs and servers. Businesses trust our certified service team because they are efficient and reliable professionals. Stop in at our Depot Repair Center in Waukesha or call us for more information, (262) 717-0037 or toll-free 24/7 at (800) 891-3388.