TriTech Corporation of America is an authorized Panduit Business Partner. Our cabling technicians are certified for standards compliance and best practices, committed to your solution’s success with a complementary 15-year warranty and services free of charge.

Why Cabling Partners are Important

Products and services supplied by non-authorized companies and third-party sellers are not honored by manufacturers – this includes Panduit. Using a cabling company like TriTech with authorized partners like Panduit ensures the success and longevity of your infrastructure. If complications arise or requirements change, both Panduit and TriTech will work with you on a resolution.

Cabling technicians at TriTech only use genuine Panduit products and are trained for proper installation. They test the specifications of all cabling using the FLUKE NETWORKS DSX-5000 CABLEANALYZER™, an elite tool verifying that a system meets or exceeds listed requirements.

structured cabling

Panduit Solutions by TriTech

TriTech offers a wide portfolio of cabling solutions and products as a Panduit Business Partner. Our qualified technicians have the certifications and experience to properly and efficiently utilize Panduit cabling to improve your business.

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Data centers
and equipment rooms are the physical foundation of network architectures and virtualization. With computing, networking, and operations integrated at the data center, infrastructure management is needed for cabling organization and processing quality. TriTech uses Panduit for structured cabling solutions on new and existing data systems including racks and cabinets.

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Telecommunications cabling
is key to the performance and use of video and voice on your network – even the latest and greatest phone system will fail to meet expectations without proper cabling. Panduit copper and fiber systems are certified to meet the requirements of ANSI/TIA 568 and UL Listed, complying with safety and capacity standards. Cabling technicians at TriTech are trained and familiar with the cabling specifications for VoIP, phones, video conferencing, and room design.

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Enterprise technology cabling
connects the devices of main floors and work areas to the data center. Wireless access points allow mobile connectivity and, in some cases, multiple devices will be used across a large area for improved signal range. Similarly, IP security cameras are strategically placed and typically powered over Ethernet.

Lifecycle Management Services

TriTech follows the Systems Support Lifecycle, a process that better helps businesses reach immediate goals and adapt for future changes. With over 20 years of experience, Wisconsin businesses trust TriTech for complete telecommunications solutions and dependable cabling services.

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TriTech offers complimentary initial consultations to businesses looking for professional cabling services. Experienced BICSI technicians will develop a cabling solution to meet your technology goals, whether it’s a new networking infrastructure or improving a current system.

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Once TriTech understands your business objective, our cabling technicians conduct site surveys to examine equipment you may already have and record measurements for how much product will be needed. This may include the FLUKE NETWORKS DSX-5000 CABLEANALYZER™ and, for wireless solutions, the NETSCOUT™ AIRMAGNET WIFI ANALYZER PRO, the highest quality tool on the market for recording and interpreting wireless network data.

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BICSI-certified system designers create a detailed overview of your Panduit solution with the information gathered during the planning and analysis phases and submit the final proposal for your approval, making alterations and adjustments if requested.

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During implementation (and each lifecycle stage), TriTech works around your schedule to minimize disruption and hassle to your business. Panduit cabling services are available for structured data centers and cable running, all systems tested for specification and verified for standards compliance with the CABLEANALYZER™.

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TriTech supports existing Panduit systems with the following lifecycle services:

  • Planning of new Panduit solutions and existing cable adjustments
  • Analysis of poor performance and incorrect installation
  • Design of expansions and replacements
  • Implementation of hardware and cabling verification
  • Support of Panduit equipment & cabling systems and products

Panduit Business Partner & Certified Cabling in Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison

TriTech is an authorized Panduit Business Partner, using only certified genuine cabling and verifying specification with the FLUKE NETWORKS DSX-5000 CABLEANALYZER™. Call TriTech for complete cabling solutions today, (262) 717-0037 or toll-free 24/7 at (800) 891-3388.