methodology lifecycle TriTechs Service Methodology and the 5 Stage Systems Support Lifecycle

TriTech Corporation of America abides by the systems support lifecycle for all services and solutions. By using this methodology, we are able to thoroughly examine and properly identify how to best help you and your business.

Examine And Identify

TriTech is unique in that our services can start at any phase – if you have a design, we can implement and support; if you’re experiencing technical problems, we can analyze your system and either progress to design a solution or conclude with a simple recommendation.

When you succeed, We succeed
Phase One Plan

When you call TriTech about your situation, our friendly contact center (and we mean very polite) will explain your possible options and schedule an in-person consultation with our technical team if you choose to move forward.

During your complimentary initial consultation with our IT professionals, you’ll describe where your business is now and where you hope to be. Then, our team will outline what will be necessary and suggest ways to achieve your business objective – whether creating a new solution or resolving current complications.

Phase Two Analyze

After the consultation, we’ll study your current system and infrastructure (if applicable) to gather requirements. For existing infrastructures, we may perform network testing and hardware examination to accurately determine the status including the source of any complications.

For example, for a cabling or wireless network solution, the analysis may include a complete site survey using the Netscout™ AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer PRO, the highest quality tool on the market for recording and interpreting wireless network data, and Fluke Networks™ Cable Testing Analyzer, an elite tool verifying that a cabling system meets or exceeds specification requirements.

Study Infrastructure

A solution will be recommended for your approval based on our findings and how your business goals will impact the infrastructure.

Phase Three Design

After the analysis, the blueprint of your IT solution is developed by our certified system design engineers – everything gathered from the consultation and analysis comes together in the design. We’ll decide what specific equipment is needed, if any, to align your business strategy with fixing the problem.

Network Blueprint

For new solutions, they will detail the specific equipment to align your business strategy. For replacements and add-ons, compatibility is a factor and they’ll decide how to meet your system’s requirements.

Already have an IT design but need help? TriTech will pick up where you left off and continue your plans seamlessly.

Phase Four Implement

All of the professionals at TriTech have the certifications and knowledge to implement the design properly and efficiently. Every engineer has a minimum education of a Bachelor’s degree and specialized experience of five-plus years. Our technicians undergo recurring, extensive training that’s unique to their particular expertise.

Technician Experience

TriTech will never send someone who is unqualified. We won’t send a network engineer for computer repair, or a Digium-Certified Asterisk Administrator to work on an Axis IP security camera. That way, we know the work will be done correctly and you don’t have to worry.

Already have an IT solution in place but it’s incomplete or not working like it should? TriTech can take over and “right the wrongs” that are causing difficulties.

Phase Five Support

Whether you started a business solution with us or reached out about your existing system, TriTech doesn’t abandon you once your IT solution is complete. We know that information technology is a dynamic environment, changing and evolving constantly.

Support Times

Our customer service is available during regular business hours CST and on-call 24/7 to make sure you always have assistance.

TriTech is dedicated to supporting any and all of the phases above. Reclaim your technology infrastructure and talk to one of our IT consultants today. , or click here for additional information.

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