TriTech Corporation is a Certified Partner with Microsoft, the worldwide leader in software, services, devices and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. Along with earning Silver Competencies endorsements, TriTech is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) as both a Certified Partner and Small Business Specialist.

TriTech: Microsoft Certified Partner in Wisconsin

TriTech is a Microsoft Certified Partner, trained to follow distinct standards and protocol that go beyond basic Microsoft PC and server knowledge. Why go with a Microsoft Certified Partner? Uncertified companies may not have sufficient experience or appropriate credentials – they might even sell fraudulent product that could open your computers and network to attack.

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In fact, several uncertified IT companies in Milwaukee act as a liaison and enlist TriTech to provide services for their customers – on their behalf, because they are incapable. With TriTech, you’ll go direct to the source and skip the middleman.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, TriTech ultimately provides better service – minus unnecessary hassle and cost – with efficient solutions, authentic product, certified technicians, ongoing training, and expedited Microsoft support so that your business has minimal downtime and interruption.

Microsoft Small Business Specialist – Silver

TriTech has a Microsoft Small Business Specialization showing proven capabilities and success for small and midsize companies with high customer service. This specialization is beneficial to your small business because TriTech certified technicians understand Microsoft technology and follow their prescribed methodology.

TriTech’s Microsoft Certifications and Competencies

  • MCP Microsoft Certified Professional
  • MCSE Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert
  • MCSA Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate
  • MCP+I Microsoft Certified Professional & Internet

Microsoft Competencies – Silver Certification

Devices & Deployment – Silver
TriTech has a Devices & Deployment Competency showing proven expertise in creating & installing Windows environments and optimizing desktop experiences. Our Microsoft Certified Professionals can plan, implement, and support optimal solutions for your business or organization based on the Windows platform.

Ideal for: Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft System Center, Windows, Windows Phone

Midmarket Solution Provider – Silver
TriTech has a Midmarket Solution Provider Competency showing proven expertise for midmarket business infrastructure, needs, and costs. This allows us to customize a Microsoft solution that meets current goals and is also adaptable for future growth.

Ideal for: Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, Windows Server

Lifecycle Management Services

Much like how TriTech abides by the systems lifecycle, Microsoft stands by four pillars that their solutions aim to accomplish: engage customers, empower employees, optimize operations, and transform products. We can customize these pillars to fit your business.

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During a complimentary initial consultation, you’ll define the obstacles of your business and the objective in which you hope to resolve them. A trained Microsoft consultant will then start strategizing your solution.

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Certified network engineers at TriTech will study your current infrastructure and system to determine how to fit both your goals and network requirements. They will recommend a plan of action for your approval.

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Our system designers customize your Microsoft solution using the information gathered from the plan and analyze phases.

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For superb performance and minimal interruption, qualified network engineers are mandatory for the integration of your designed solution.

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For support and existing Microsoft systems, TriTech offers the following lifecycle services:

  • Planning of new Microsoft solutions and existing system adjustments
  • Analysis of poor performance and troubleshooting
  • Design of expansions and replacements
  • Implementation of applications and network optimization
  • Support of Microsoft software & technology systems and products

Microsoft Solutions from TriTech

TriTech offers a wide portfolio of Microsoft solutions and products as a Certified Partner and Small Business Specialist. Our certified technicians have the training and experience to properly and efficiently utilize Microsoft technology to improve your business.

Digital Transformation
helps maintain a competitive advantage by developing new capabilities in a digital-first world. Migrating to Microsoft gives users an enhanced selection of comprehensive services for success such as:

  • instantaneous retrieval of information
  • flexibility of collaboration and productivity
  • mobility of communication
  • ease of connectivity

Skype for Business
is a popular communication tool for mobility and collaboration. Conferencing and video can be conducted from a VC system, speakerphone, and smartphone integrated and compatible with TriTech certified partners Logitech, Mitel, Polycom, Spectralink, and Yealink.

Office for Business
is a flexible, affordable application package including Access to Word. Microsoft Office enhances productivity without sacrificing security across multiple devices and platforms.

Microsoft Azure
is “a growing collection of integrated cloud services that developers and IT professionals use to build, deploy, and manage applications … using the tools and frameworks of your choice.”

How different industries use Microsoft

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, TriTech has experience helping businesses and organizations in a variety of industries. Case examples of work that we’ve done include:

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Get enterprise grade functionality without the expense – especially if your organization is eligible for special offers from Microsoft. Digital management of volunteers, donors, projects, and financial accounting improves efficiency and reduces errors.

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Microsoft is a beneficial complement to educational institutions. A connected experience for students allows for secure, simplified device management and easy communication. Faculty can “focus on outcomes, not technology” with real-time data and sharing capabilities. For staff, integrated analytics lets departments gain valuable insight for smarter decisions and to elevate performance.

Did you know? Research finds proficiency in Microsoft Office to be one of the top required skills for job applicants.

healthcare icon

Improve clinical productivity and operational performance with a solution from Microsoft. Reduce delays with convenient collaboration and by creating actionable insights for informed decisions. The security of patient and confidential data also complies with HIPAA regulation and payment standards.

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Go beyond preventative maintenance and onto predictive management – whether that be for network security, optimized operations, or product tracking. Microsoft efficiently gathers information in real time to connect production and resources, fueling development and accelerating time to market.

Technology and Software Services from TriTech,

Microsoft Certified Partner in Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison TriTech is a Certified Partner and Small Business Specialist as part of the Microsoft Partner Network. With multiple Silver Competencies, we have the authorized training and experience to offer professional Microsoft support and service including device deployment and system analysis. Get started with a Microsoft solution from TriTech today, (262) 717-0037 or toll-free 24/7 at (800) 891-3388.