Unplanned system downtime is responsible for over half of business disruptions and costs over a half-million dollars on average. They can be caused by a variety of reasons such as security threats, incorrect setup, and inexperienced configuration.

These are just a few networking problems that our certified engineers diagnose and fix for businesses. From firewall integration to helpdesk support, TriTech knows the uptime of a computer network and IT infrastructure is crucial to business success and efficiency.

TriTech Corporation of America offers network solutions and IT support in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, and throughout Wisconsin. An IT services and business networking company in southeastern Wisconsin for over 20 years, TriTech is proud to have earned trust from our clients and credentials from the industry’s top manufacturers including Microsoft and Cisco.

Is your business experiencing:

  • Network connection problems, the Internet is down or not working?
  • Computer login issues, adding or resetting username and password?
  • Server access issues, unexpected restarts or cannot connect?
  • Email issues, not connecting to the server or Outlook isn’t working?
  • Wi-Fi concerns, access points are down or slow wireless speed?

Why TriTech?

The foundation of a network infrastructure dictates the operation of all connected devices. Poor design and cheap cable quality can be the cause of unplanned network outages and efficiency difficulties, costing businesses substantial time and money – even customers. With this importance in mind, network engineers at TriTech are required to meet our qualification standards with at least a Bachelor’s degree, five or more years of IT experience, and certifications from our partners.

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One-Stop Shop for Networking and IT Support in Southeastern Wisconsin

TriTech is the original full-service IT company in metro Milwaukee. Since we comprise of specialized divisions, you won’t worry about scrambling between different companies for one solution – if the actual issue turns out to be not what you initially called for, we can seamlessly pass your solution in-house to the appropriate IT professional. We have trained and been authorized to focus in all parts of IT including network tools, cable services, and business technology.

Industry Leaders are on YOUR Side

You need an IT solutions provider like TriTech who’s a certified partner and authorized reseller – this guarantees support from not only us but our partnered manufacturers, too. With TriTech, the total cost of your solution is significantly less in the long run because we are more efficient and experienced than other networking services in Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin.

Inadequate network configuration may lead to damaging results:

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Data loss

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Unauthorized access

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Networking Solutions for ANY Business, ANY Reason, ANY Time

What makes TriTech truly different: We’ll support you at any phase in your system lifecycle – with your current infrastructure or a new solution.

If you are looking for an initial consultation, a complimentary meeting can get you started with your networking solution. If you need system analysis or design help, we have certified system and design engineers that will come to your assistance. If you are in the implementation phase with your own team or another vendor, our experienced engineers can help the progress.

Or, if you need support with your existing network, TriTech will fix and troubleshoot any networking issues caused by DIYs and other IT service professionals.

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Areas of Support Specialties

Uptime, security, capabilities, flexibility...businesses and organizations trust TriTech to keep their computer networks running smoothly. By breaking down the components before bringing them together, your network should enhance your business.

Network Security & Firewalls

Our certified network engineers are security experts who can help you with a variety of support services, from additional network security to analyzing your current system if you don’t think it’s operating effectively.

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Firewall hardware protects your network perimeter, a cost-effective alternative that’s easier and cheaper than downloading and updating software to every one of your computers. One device takes care of your whole network including servers and printers.

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56% of organizations suffered one or more outages from security infrastructure misconfiguration, according to Netscout™ cybersecurity division Arbor Networks. By protecting your business, time and attention isn’t wasted on spam emails and network attacks.

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Prevent communication of disapproved settings and reduce workplace distractions. In extreme cases, you could allow access to only approved settings.

Wireless Connectivity

TriTech is trained and certified to use the Netscout™ AirMagnet Wi-Fi Analyzer, the highest quality tool on the market for recording and interpreting wireless network data. Using the latest industry tools and techniques for a wireless site analysis, we can run security evaluations and performance reports with information on legal compliance and rogue access points.

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Existing devices don’t need to be replaced. Costly cables are not needed. Even incompatible equipment can be modified with network cards and modules.

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WAPs mean less hassle. New or old electronics, cable or no cable – a connection is obtainable with a strong signal when you have the experience of TriTech on your side.

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92% of CIOs worried their wireless security was inadequate – and with over 50% of guest access unsecure, it’s easy to see why! A wireless signal is a convenient, modern technology that is as safe as a cable connection, but plugging in a wireless access point and walking away is how issues start –including network vulnerability, unauthorized users causing slow speeds, and hackers causing downtime and data loss.

PCs, Servers, and E-Mail

Network engineers and computer technicians at TriTech are partner trained and certified in their designated concentration to deliver reliable service and exceptional results.

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From replacements to expansions, TriTech can service computer hardware and software to existing and new networks.

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We can setup and connect devices not yet implemented and repair those improperly integrated.

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Complete Computer Services
TriTech is a Microsoft Silver Partner and our technicians are Microsoft certified. For more information on PC & Server services from TriTech, click here.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Our network engineers are certified to help businesses with new and existing VPNs. If you’re looking to introduce a virtual network strategy to your workplace or having difficulties with your current VPN, TriTech can help.

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Remote Access
As long as an endpoint is verified and an Internet connection is made, VPNs can be reached.

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One VPN connects LANs over the Internet, making easier access for employees.

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Travel & Distance
The hurdle of a network bridge is eliminated, sparing you the purchase cost and burden of hardware as extra luggage.

Workplace & Local Area Network

TriTech is a full-service IT company with integrated specialized divisions. What that means for you: as a one-stop shop, we have authorized professionals that can manage every part of your network infrastructure – from traffic optimization and wireless troubleshooting to hardware repair and cabling.

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Viruses, worms, trojans, phishing, denial-of-service, spyware… If you have a computer, you are open to risk from hackers and malware. That is, until you have the security and defenses.

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Documents and files that are readily available reduce time wasted and unnecessary processes.

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Data sharing
Employees can communicate and exchange information easier with shared access to LAN resources.

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Taking time to layout your LAN properly eliminates future complications.

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Quality of Service
Which is more time sensitive: an email message or phone call? An email message will be received as sent but a voice call is transferred in real-time and more susceptible to consequences. Voice traffic not configured into your network causes static noise and broken words.

Networking & Security Verticals

TriTech has experience helping organizations and businesses in a variety of industries. Case examples of work that we’ve done include:

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Network security and Internet access are educational necessities, fueling reliable communication from email servers and stable infrastructures during high traffic.

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Legal compliance of HIPAA with network security and for wireless access, protecting sensitive data and maintaining reputation of credibility.

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Realty & Hospitality
Network separation and connectivity management of guests and personnel, improving mobility experience and reducing security risks.

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Hacker and intrusion attacks can be detected and prevented with strong network security. Video and phone systems require proper configuration for superb Quality of Service.

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Increase productivity and collaboration with a fast, secure network. Implement mobility into the workplace with wireless access and VPNs.

Methodology of Networking Services

TriTech abides by the systems lifecycle for service management and offerings. A step-by-step approach to all solutions, the systems lifecycle is the framework for our methodology of services.

Corevalue Plan

A complimentary initial consultation will be arranged to discuss your business goals and the difficulties you’re facing. Based on what you tell our experienced IT professionals, they’ll determine ways to execute a strategy that meets your objective.

Corevalue Analyze

Certified network engineers will perform a system review of your infrastructure. After inspection, they'll decide if our other specialized divisions will be needed and recommend solutions that meet user requirements and your goals. No matter the outcome, TriTech is able to keep moving forward.

Corevalue Design

Our trained system designers develop the details of what equipment is needed and the reason why. Once the project specifics are complete, you will be given an overview and explanation of the design for final approval.

Corevalue Implement

Network engineers at TriTech are certified on system integration and experienced with IT architecture. They work thoroughly and reliably when converting systems and ensure proper network security is in place. After installation, they will run tests for any problems.

Corevalue Support

Changes in technology and your business means changes to your network and strategy. Whether Internet connection problems or needing a different network solution, information technology needs maintenance and repairs just as automobiles do. Support services at TriTech are from trained professionals with many same-day appointments (on average) and an almost immediate response time – making us one of the fastest responding IT support companies in Milwaukee.


Networking & IT Certifications

The engineers at TriTech meet our qualification standards including five-plus years of experience, a Bachelor degree minimum, and certifications that show they have an advanced knowledge of the technology that they support.

  • Apple ACMT Certified Mac Technician
  • Cisco Certified:
    • CCDA Design Associate
    • CCNA Network Associate
    • CCNA Voice
    • CCNA Wireless
    • CSE Sales Expert
  • Microsoft Certified:
    • Small Business Specialist
    • MCSE Solutions Expert
    • MCSA Solutions Associate
    • MCP+I Professional & Internet
    • MCP Professional
  • Citrix CCA Certified Administrator
  • Novell CNA Certified Administrator

Technology Business Partners

In addition to our team obtaining authorized certifications, we are trusted partners with IT leaders that have the best products on the market.

  • Adtran
  • Allied Telesis
  • Avaya Connect Silver Partner
  • Barracuda Channel Partner
  • Cisco Premier Partner
    • Express Foundation Specialization
    • Cisco Lifestyle Services integration
    • Hybrid IT Service provider
    • Hybrid IT resale lifestyle management process
  • Citrix
  • D-Link
  • Edgewater Networks
  • Microsoft Certified Silver Partner
    • Midmarket Solution Provider – Silver
    • Small Business – Silver
    • Devices and Deployment – Silver
  • MultiTech Optimum Reseller Program
  • Netgear Authorized Reseller
  • Novell
  • Patton
  • TRENDnet

Unmatched Expertise of Network Solutions & IT Support in Metro Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin

TriTech is the original IT support and network services company in southeastern Wisconsin and one of the most trusted by businesses. We can help your current business strategy and develop future ones. To learn more about IT services from TriTech, call us today at (262) 717-0037 or toll-free 24/7 at (800) 891-3388.