Organizations are more likely to be satisfied with their cloud office system if they work with an IT partner. Whether you’re planning to migrate to the Cloud or in need of support with your current deployment, TriTech has provided successful business solutions in southeastern Wisconsin for over 20 years.

TriTech Corporation of America is an IT services company and certified cloud provider in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, and throughout Wisconsin.

Why TriTech?

Cloud computing is an emerging business tool that many people don’t yet fully understand. On the forefront of technology advancements, TriTech adapts to breakthroughs including cloud technology to master the services we offer and develop the best solution for you. Using the Cloud for backup, storage, or a hybrid requires the experience of TriTech for many reasons.

Cloud Security & Legal Compliance

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Legal Compliance
PCI DSS and SoX for traditional business practices and HIPAA for the healthcare industry are punishable by law if violated. We partner with solution providers that implement and enforce the necessary tools to protect your business.

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One of the main incentives for cloud storage is the ability to have unlimited access to the work you need – however, just like a Wi-Fi connection: more convenience means more risk. In addition to compliance protection, the rest of your network needs critical security. Having your data off-site makes physical breaches nearly impossible but additional efforts must be taken against virtual breaches. Certified network engineers at TriTech are trained to make sure your cloud solution has the convenience and security you expect.

Full-Service IT Solutions

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Trusted Provider
ECloud backup is a functional safety net – if it doesn’t properly work, what’s the point? TriTech is trusted by businesses for cloud backup and storage services in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin. We have a reputation of efficient solutions and a commitment to improving business IT operations from our proactive, not reactive approach. By acting before something happens, you save time and money from having to take action in response afterwards.

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Distinguished Expertise
TriTech is the original full-service IT company in southeastern Wisconsin with specialized divisions of authorized professionals. Switching to the Cloud requires appropriate certifications; otherwise, you risk losing all your data due to incorrect procedure or being misled on which option is best for your current strategy and future goals.

Our network engineers are experienced with cloud management and migration, trained to handle data successfully and transfer files quickly. As a one-stop shop, we can develop a new solution if you decide that the Cloud isn’t right for you.

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Businesses utilize the Cloud in many different ways, so there is no “one size fits all.” At TriTech, we work with you to create a cloud solution that fits your business strategy and goal.

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Friendly Support
Some clients express concern or confusion on how the Cloud works: What is it? Is it secure? How does it work? Why use it? As a newer technology, we get it and don’t expect everyone to understand the Cloud. Trained consultants at TriTech will explain how your business can benefit and the options you have with cloud services.

What Others Lack

Other IT companies with cloud services may have focus on their bottom line and not your best interest in mind. At TriTech, our only focus is information technology that helps your business strategy. We’ll be honest with you because we are authorized to provide alternate solutions and the experience of clients with horror stories needing our support.

History repeats itself for those who do not learn from the past. Certified IT professionals at TriTech have learned what works best for different objectives and what doesn’t work as well in certain situations.

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TriTech offers additional value including cloud expertise, managed & hosted services, and manufacturer assistance. Our cloud technology professionals have the authorizations and training that you can trust with your cloud challenges. We require each engineer to meet or exceed our qualification standards with a Bachelor’s degree, five-plus years of IT experience, and certifications from our partners.

What is Cloud not?

Cloud computing is not “one size, fits all.” At TriTech, we understand that cloud adoption is popular and a way to keep up with competition. However, we also understand that Cloud can cause more issues than it fixes – it’s not right for everyone or every industry.

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Database dominant
The requirement to process data in huge amounts reduces speed and increases possible problems or difficulties.

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Computer-aided design (CAD)
Systems running this software are very database driven.

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Computer-aided engineering (CAE)
These applications can be slow to access, load, and operate while also affecting other users.

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Industry regulations
Virtualization must follow the law, too. Compliance of HIPAA for healthcare patients and identity theft prevention for consumers.

Benefits of Cloud Technology from TriTech

Cloud application growth is inevitable. With proven results of increased productivity and decreased spending, you can trust TriTech to deploy cloud technology that improves your business’ IT.

Cloud-based Backup

Cloud-based backup saves your data and files to a data center either on premise or off-site that’s accessible by the Internet. Cloud backup is updated automatically on a regular schedule basis, ensuring usable versions are obtainable (even if not the most recent).

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Using tapes to save data is time consuming and untrustworthy. They don’t always record when you want them to and wear out with use. With a Cloud-based backup, you’re able to see that data replicated or stored.

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Using an external hard drive has drawbacks, too. It’s a device that has moving parts to function and vulnerable to circumstances. Accidentally drop it on the sidewalk or in the snow and that’s it. Leave it in a car during a hot summer day or get caught in the rain and it’s damaged.


The time it takes to restore a network is faster than older methods. Imagine your network as pieces of a puzzle. TriTech has the ability to save the assembled puzzle and return it as is, if needed. We can also save individual pieces and reform what we can with what we have.

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The classic statement of “everything on my computer is gone” will expand to add on “everything on my computer is gone but the Cloud can restore it.”

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Uploading is much faster than tapes and hard drives.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud strategies combine public and private deployment models. Ideally for control by dedicated IT departments or managed services from TriTech, hybrid cloud offers complete access and flexibility that can be customized to your individual management.

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Security is only as good as where it’s stored. If a hacker gets into your computer network, you don’t need to fall victim to ransomware or destructive threats. By having resources on the Cloud, they are separate from your devices and TriTech will be able to restore what you saved.

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Complications from your network and devices don’t affect the Cloud. If your office has a power outage, the Cloud doesn’t turn off. If your building is on fire, the Cloud doesn’t burn. Your cloud being off-site at a data center avoids such risks and obstacles.

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Whether by TriTech or your IT professional, overseeing activity and monitoring operations are substantially efficient in a centralized location.

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Cloud technology has faster infrastructure access and improves collaboration ability. Updates and maintenance are sustained by the Cloud and not separate devices, saving a significant amount of time.

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Some applications and resources aren’t compatible with cloud systems. You can still save to the Cloud and interact with programs outside of it.

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You don’t need to spend a ton of money on the latest-and-greatest every time a new product is released; cloud providers do this for you. With your monthly rental fee, you get the advantage of automatic software updates and using the latest data center technology.

Cloud-based Storage

Cloud-based storage is similar to backup except that it’s more user dependent. Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, and Google Drive are all examples of popular public online storage platforms. TriTech also offers on-site management services for private cloud storage.

Multiple Devices

Multiple Devices
Access files on any device, any time, simultaneously with others.

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Access only the files that you need while working on the go.

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Never worry about forgetting to save on a USB flash drive ever again. By accessing and working through cloud storage, you’ll always have the most up-to-date version.

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Restriction and permission settings can be applied by user, folder, or file for team collaboration.

How Different Industries Utilize the Cloud

TriTech has experience helping organizations and businesses in a variety of industries. Case examples of work that we’ve done include:

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Off-site data centers mean additional security. Hackers that get into your server won’t be able to access data that’s on your Cloud. Performance is high-speed and efficient.

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Realty & Education
Managed cloud services reduce strain and improve performance from IT administrators. Backup as disaster recovery prevents financial loss and erased data. Mobility improves productivity and flexibility.

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Financial Services
Co-location increases security and reliability. Scalability enhances manageability and user experience.

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HIPAA compliance for legal purposes and client privacy.

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Collaboration with shared resources and fast real-time updates. Mobility to access the Cloud from anywhere, anytime.

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Virtualization for long-term growth and cost savings. Affordability of the Cloud has a high return on investment without purchasing dedicated equipment.

Methodology of Cloud Services

TriTech abides by the systems lifecycle, a method that thoroughly assesses and identifies how to best help businesses progress forward and achieve goals.

Corevalue Plan

During the complimentary initial consultation with your team and TriTech, you’ll tell us your business objective and the strategy for getting there. Our experienced consultants will establish which cloud services fit in your strategy toward a solution for your objective. There is so much consulting that takes place regarding the Cloud because it’s not right for everyone and we must be sure that it’s right for you and your strategic goal.

Corevalue Analyze

We’ll study your networking infrastructure including the cloud system, if you have one. You’ll specify what preferences you have and we’ll analyze how your cloud solution can meet these requirements.

Corevalue Design

Our authorized system designers will put together a cloud solution based on the planning and analysis. They’ll decide what will meet the technical requirements and your expectations of your cloud solution.

Corevalue Implement

System engineers at TriTech are certified to execute your designed project. They’ll integrate the Cloud into your IT environment, transfer resources, modify your network, install necessary equipment, and anything else that your solution calls for – all with minimal disruption.

Corevalue Support

Cloud support from TriTech is available after your solution is complete. Whether you realize that changes need to be made or a problem needs to be fixed, you can call our experienced support services 24/7. We are committed to making sure the Cloud – and any of our services – is a benefit, not a burden.

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Trusted Virtualization & Cloud Services in Metro Milwaukee and throughout

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