70% of businesses with traditional on-premises PBX found their phone systems lacking mobility, features, flexibility, and ease in a recent survey conducted by Dimensional Research. Phone systems are mission-critical and calls are time-sensitive, so performance disruptions are consequential. Weather, power outages, and end-of-life are a few causes of PBX downtime.

These are common phone issues that require a professional phone technician – the more time that it’s broken, the more money it can cost. Aging system hardware is typically more of a liability than it is an asset – parts may be limited or unavailable and discontinued systems may not be supported. Businesses trust TriTech because we know the disruption is a hassle and remain committed to efficient, reliable services.

TriTech Corporation of America is a provider of analog and VoIP phone systems in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, and throughout Wisconsin. An IT services company in southeastern Wisconsin, TriTech successfully designs and supports unified communications solutions in southeastern Wisconsin.

Is your business having problems with any of the following:

  • Phones out or not ringing?
  • Phone system is down or cannot make calls?
  • Phone calls dropped or disconnected?
  • Callers not able to get through to extensions or routed nowhere (dead air)?
  • Unable to hear caller (no sound, static, echo, crackling, cutting in and out, etc.)?
  • Phone extension not setup, moving or switching lines around and changing names?
  • Number setup and phone updates, new handsets or adding a user phone?
  • Calls going directly to voicemail or issues checking messages?

Why TriTech?

Phone systems are often at the core of offices and business communication. Many components go into their customization and installation, leaving higher risk for problems and difficulties if done incorrectly.

For over 20 years, TriTech has evolved alongside telecommunications and voice technology – from starting with traditional phone systems to expanding with telephony and VoIP. As business technology advances, so does our training and services to best help businesses.

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Voice and Phone Services in Southeastern Wisconsin

TriTech is the original full-service IT company in metro Milwaukee. With a specialized division for phone systems, we have authorized technicians for traditional phones and certified network engineers for VoIP & phone systems. Whether you plan to switch from analog to VoIP in the future or simply looking for business phone support, TriTech is your one-stop shop for experienced phone system services.

Engineers at TriTech meet or exceed the requirements of our qualification standards with a Bachelor’s degree, five-plus years of experience, and partner certifications.

The Only Choice for Complete Phone System Support & Services in Milwaukee

What makes TriTech truly different: No matter what stage of phone system support you require – to plan a solution with you, analyze the system you already have or design a new one, or implement the project to your system – we will support you.

If you know what you want but need help moving forward, our system designers and engineers can analyze what your plan is and continue with the project. If you have a pile of boxes with uninstalled IP phone consoles, we have experts trained and certified in completing that setup.

If you’re having troubles with an existing phone system, TriTech can help.

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VoIP and Your Network

Often, we hear skepticism of VoIP phone systems and their call quality – or Quality of Service. Businesses and individuals avoid IP phones assuming presence of:

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Static Noise

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Dropped Calls

Broken Link Icon

Broken words

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However, these reasons why “VoIP is bad” have nothing to do with IP phones but are usually associated with poor network configuration. When you add a VoIP system, the core of your network changes because you’re adding voice to the data traffic. Voice traffic is time sensitive and requires additional configuration.

With TriTech, your VoIP system won’t have these negative consequences. Our trained engineers are certified to set-up VoIP and phone systems to operate reliably and effectively for you. Since the 1990s, we understood the distinction between networking and telecommunications; today, we understand how to bring them together and the importance of correct network configuration.

Importance of a Solid Network Foundation for VoIP

VoIP and IP phone systems have a better return on investment and enhanced connectivity than traditional PBX. A prominent part of unified communications, Wisconsin trusts TriTech for their business phone services.

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The cause of poor VoIP quality of service is usually from poorly optimized networks. Voice communication takes priority and must be treated that way. Our network engineers are authorized and certified to structure your network and have VoIP running smoothly.

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As the sole provider of your telecommunications, any flaws or inconsistences are unacceptable.

Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

Phone systems remain a dependable and important tool in the office and enterprise. TriTech has certified professionals who specialize in traditional PBX and VoIP systems.

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Traditional PBX and IP-PBX both need their means of security against hackers, network threats and interference.

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VoIP needs to be integrated with your network and then optimized by an IT professional. Otherwise, your network may have issues because the traffic isn’t being managed properly.

Teleconference Phone Systems

Conference phones are great for not only phone calls but video conferencing systems. Many conferencing phones are compatible with standard compliant systems and seamless additions to a unified communications strategy.

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Not all IP phones are created equal. Conference phone systems are purposely designed for several simultaneous sounds to be captured and received. The microphone picks up audible surroundings and the speaker relays sent data.

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The agitation of all verbal communication: “Could you repeat that?” “I didn’t hear you.” “What did you say?” “I’m sorry, the middle dropped out on me.” Hearing and saying these phrases makes for a frustrating experience of unstable communication.

Teleconference Phone Systems

Conference phones are great for not only phone calls but video conferencing systems. Many conferencing phones are compatible with standard compliant systems and seamless additions to a unified communications strategy.

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Keep security of confidential details while maintaining mobility and collaboration with unified communications. Transfer calls between mobile devices and IP phones. Communicate clearly and securely with conference phones. Make announcements throughout the building with paging systems and manage restricted access with intercoms.

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Easily connect multi-site institutions and campus buildings with IP phones. Provide healthcare without distance with telemedicine using videophones. Instantly notify patients and mobile employees with paging systems.

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3CX Hotel PBX effectively and separately and accommodates both guests and personnel. Save costs on long distance and international calling as well as basic service with IP phones.

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Reduce the cost of professional voice services with VoIP and IP phones. Host meetings and discussions among different departments or executives with conference phones.

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Unite a district and campus with IP phones. Alert emergencies and make announcements over paging systems

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Conference systems provide fluent interaction and clear transmission. Intercoms for door control and by-appointment.

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Paging to summon throughout a large space and emergency alerts.

Methodology of Phone System Services

TriTech abides by the Systems Support Lifecycle, a method that thoroughly assesses and identifies how to best help businesses progress forward and achieve goals. With specialized service divisions that are unmatched by competitors, we take the time to properly manage solutions by using the available resources and skills of our extensive team.

Corevalue Plan

During the complementary initial consultation, you'll explain to our team what your business objective is and the strategy for getting there. We’ll plan how our telephony or VoIP services can improve upon your business and help attain your goals.

Corevalue Analyze

If you don’t have a phone system, you’ll detail the features and functionality that your business needs including user requirements. If you have an existing system in place, certified phone specialists conduct inspections for the challenges you’re experiencing and come to a conclusion on how to move forward with your phone solution.

Corevalue Design

Certified system engineers and designers will build your phone system with specific equipment that coordinates with the requirements discussed during the plan and analysis phases.

Corevalue Implement

Our authorized phone specialists are experienced installing and managing most manufacturers and models. You can rest assured that your solution is integrated, tested, and secure as part of your phone system strategy.

Corevalue Support

TriTech is committed to your phone solution being a success. Support analysts are available 24/7 to fix, upgrade, or discuss your business phone system.

Phone Service Certifications

Business Person


  • 3CX Certified:
    • Engineer
    • Advanced Engineer
  • Asterisk Certified dCAA Administrator
  • Cisco Certified:
    • CCNA Voice
    • Business Edition 6000 (BE6000)
  • Polycom PCVE Certified Videoconferencing Engineer
  • Switchvox Certified:
    • dCSE Sales Engineer
    • dCSP Sales Professional

Voice System Partners

To complement our skilled professionals and exceptional track record, TriTech has an extensive list of authorized partnerships featuring the best and most popular VoIP providers.

  • 3CX Silver Partner
  • Adtran Registered Partner
  • Asterisk Certified Integration Partner
  • AudioCodes Authorized Channel Partner
  • Avaya Connect Silver Partner
  • ClearOne Authorized Partner
  • Cisco Premier Partner
  • CyberData Authorized VAR & Reseller
  • Digium Select Channel Partner
  • Epygi Authorized Partner
  • Fonality Authorized Partner
  • Fortinet Authorized Partner
  • Grandstream Certified Partner
  • Incom Authorized Reseller
  • Jabra Silver Partner
  • Konftel Premium Reseller
  • LifeSize Silver Channel Partner
  • Mitel Authorized Partner
  • Obihai Authorized Partner
  • Panasonic Authorized Reseller Program
  • Patton Registered Channel Partner
  • PhoneBochs Authorized Reseller
  • Plantronics Authorized Connect Partner
  • Polycom Platinum Partner
  • Quintum Authorized Reseller
  • RCA Authorized Reseller
  • Revolabs CORE Reseller
  • Sangoma Silver Partner
  • Sennheiser Authorized Channel Partner
  • Snom Certified Partner
  • Spectralink Select Authorized Partner
  • Switchvox Certified Partner
  • Ubiquiti Authorized Reseller
  • Vertical Communications Certified Partner
  • VTech Authorized Channel Partner
  • VXi SoundChoice® Partner
  • Yealink VAR & Authorized Online Reseller
  • Yeastar Authorized Channel Partner
Desk Phone

Reputable Services for Unified Communications Support & Phone System Solutions in Metro Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin

TriTech is the original IT support and network services company in southeastern Wisconsin. We started with traditional phones and expanded to accommodate offerings for VoIP systems. Get started on your business phone solution or learn more about our VoIP services today, (262) 717-0037 or toll-free 24/7 at (800) 891-3388.