Quality of Service is the biggest surveillance concern for businesses. Problems with security video systems can happen for a number of reasons including the lens, cabling, and network connectivity.

These are a few common surveillance and camera issues that TriTech provides professional services for. We efficiently troubleshoot and successfully repair different manufacturers and models for businesses throughout Wisconsin.

TriTech Corporation of America is a proud provider of video surveillance solutions in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, and throughout Wisconsin. We are a distinguished IT company in southeastern Wisconsin with a track record of designing and supporting camera systems.

Is your business having issues with any of the following:

  • Unable to access cameras, including remotely or on the computer?
  • Several security cameras aren’t responding?
  • Cannot connect to the video surveillance application?
  • Camera problems (panning, focusing, zooming, adjustments, etc.)?
  • Video problems (displaying a colored tint or hue, too dark or light, blurry, etc.)?
  • Network configuration for new camera system or computer not recognizing camera?
  • Security camera installation or fiber cabling?

Why TriTech

There are a lot of considerations when choosing a camera system and TriTech is trained to help you make the best decision. Our surveillance professionals meet or exceed the requirements of

our qualification standards with a Bachelor’s degree, five-plus years of IT experience, and certifications from our security partners. We are authorized partners with surveillance leaders including Axis Communications, Mobotix, and Panasonic.

Surveillance Camera

You have on your side both the manufacturers and TriTech, which isn’t guaranteed from all surveillance services in Milwaukee.

Don’t waste time and money on misleading claims. Other surveillance services may state “Axis Certification Program,” a requirement for ALL authorized partners of Axis but NOT proof of service expertise. “Axis Certified Professional” is an individual who went through specialized training and passed examinations to successfully customize, deploy, and support security camera systems. They are two different endorsements that are separately obtained.

Keep your business safe

Surveillance footage that can’t be visually analyzed isn’t useful to the purpose of recording. Whether the cause is cabling or network configuration, TriTech is your one-stop shop for security camera solutions. With network engineers experienced in surveillance systems and cabling technicians, you’ll be confident every step of the way – for current systems and new solutions. Improper network setup can lead to camera system issues such as:

Staic Noise Icon

Unclear Recording

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Vulnerable network security

Damaged Icon

Damaged equipment

Transfer Icon

Slow transfer rate of video

Traffic Icon

Latency for all network traffic including file access and VoIP

What makes TriTech truly different: We’ll support you at any stage in your system lifecycle and with any equipment.

If you want an IP camera system to help protect your business, we will begin a surveillance solution plan. If you know what you want but stuck on how to proceed, our system designers and engineers will help you plan the project. If you have all the parts but the boxes are sealed, we can install it for you.

If you need support for your existing surveillance system, we can do that, too. Whether it isn’t working like it should or you want help with the VMS settings, the authorized engineers at TriTech are here to support anything that happens.

Why you need certified network engineer to handle IP Surveillance

The purpose of security cameras is for protection, but what about the protection of security cameras? TriTech takes care of your camera so that you get the most out of it.

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Two birds, one stone.
IP cameras have two parts: surveillance and network. A surveillance company could set up a camera, sure, but that doesn’t mean they know about the network side. TriTech has trained and mastered both so that you have a complete solution.

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Network Security
There are websites that broadcast live feeds of surveillance cameras with no effort because they lack security. Since TriTech is experienced and certified in network security, you get the benefit of “secure security.”

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Video is a large format to work with. If not contained, the result is recording failure and data loss – and all devices on your network risk latency and slow transfer rates.

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Camera footage isn’t just a large file but has high bandwidth. This means your network performance may suffer as a result if not optimized to handle the streaming video. Certified network engineers at TriTech prevent your network from being affected by surveillance with optimization.

How Different Industries Use Security Cameras

No matter what industry you’re in or motive you have, TriTech has planned and supported a wide range of IP cameras and surveillance solutions.

Government Building Icon

Local, state, and federal governments are responsible not only for officials and citizens but all public affairs from administrative buildings and police stations to prisons and parks.

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Healthcare facilities, including doctor clinics and hospitals, have restricted areas and confidential information that needs to be taken care of in addition to the staff and patients

Hospitality Icon

Accommodations and restaurants make guests feel safe with the presence of security cameras. Playback video and review incidents that occurred.

Truck Icon

Occurrences can happen suddenly and sometimes situations get missed when it’s busy or crowded.

Building Icon

Outdoor & Building Perimeters.
Protect from trespass and theft by maintaining presence in loading docks, parking lots, storage units, gated borders, and entry points.

Gear Icon

Factories with expensive equipment and warehouses filled with goods need surveillance cameras to catch what might be missed. Record areas less centralized on large properties.

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Financial Services
Money at a bank and private individual details on insurance are always at risk of being targeted or abused. Confirm transactions and activities of employees and customers.

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A variety of selections including smaller items, all stocked on racks or shelves, is easier to oversee when cameras cover the area. Identify theft suspects with playback recording.

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Employee Monitoring.
Oversee daily operations and employee conduct. Legal evidence against false insurance and workers’ compensation claims.

Methodology of Surveillance Services

TriTech abides by the Systems Support Lifecycle, a method that thoroughly assesses and identifies how to best help businesses progress forward and achieve goals. With specialized service divisions that are unmatched by competitors, we take the time to properly manage solutions by using the available resources and skills of our team.

Corevalue Plan

During the complimentary initial consultation, you’ll tell our experienced team why you’re considering surveillance services and its role within your business strategy. For example, if you want an outdoor IP camera for night surveillance, what are you hoping to use it for? Trespassers after-hours or detection of scheduled delivery?

Corevalue Analyze

Authorized network engineers survey your IT infrastructure to verify if additional tools or cabling is needed from our in-house specialized divisions. For existing video surveillance, they’ll identify obstacles and how to resolve them in order to move forward.

Corevalue Design

Trained system designers develop and detail a plan of action that correlates with your goals and business strategy. Authorized camera specialists will classify the user requirements and operational features that you want from your video system.

Corevalue Implement

Since your security camera solution will be part of your network, certified engineers specializing in surveillance integrate your equipment properly and following strict industry guidelines. They have the experience to complete your surveillance solution with ease, testing for functionality and network security.

Corevalue Support

Your surveillance solution is complete, but our fully trained support analysts are available anytime to provide maintenance and service. Even if you didn’t start surveillance for your business with TriTech, we are driven to bring you success time and time again.

Video & Security Camera Certifications

Surveillance specialists at TriTech meet our qualification standards including a Bachelor’s degree, five-plus years of experience, and certifications. We not only partner with industry leaders but train with them to become certified.

Surveillance Camera


  • Axis Certified Professional
    • Network video technology
    • Axis product knowledge
    • System design
    • Networking
    • Installation
    • Re-certification every 24 months

Surveillance Partners

TriTech has one of the most premier lists of IP camera partners in metro Milwaukee. We establish and retain these partnerships because we believe in providing multiple options for your solution.

  • Axis Solution Silver
    • Complete certification program
    • Axis Communications’ Academy training
    • Certify one individual as Axis Professional
    Grandstream Certified Partner Mobotix Certified Partner
  • D-Link
  • Linksys
  • Panasonic
  • Lorex
  • Samsung
  • TRENDnet
  • Ubiquiti
  • Vivotek
Surveillance Camera

Video Surveillance Services & Solutions in Metro Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin

The authorized surveillance division at TriTech reduces stress and hassle by having IT and networking resources conveniently available. We will properly secure your camera system so that it can properly secure your business. Get started with a security camera solution in Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin today, ( 262) 717-0037 or toll-free 24/7 at (800) 891-3388.