TriTech Corporation of America customizes technology solutions and support services for many different industry sectors in Metro Milwaukee and Wisconsin. From business and organizations to schools and factories, our computer network engineers, cabling technicians, and printer technicians plan, analyze, design, implement, and support new solutions and current technology per the systems support lifecycle.


Since 1993, TriTech has been helping schools and teachers integrate affordable IT to improve productivity and enhance the classroom experience. Our education solutions can be focused for students, academic faculty, and administrative staff from primary schooling to higher learning. TriTech is one of the only Epson Authorized Service Providers in Wisconsin, serving Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, and southeastern Wisconsin. Our repair service technicians also fix Dell out-of-warranty projectors.

Projector Repair & Printer Services from Epson Authorized Service Provider

Projectors save faculty time and effort from copying handout materials and allow students better interaction with a visual display rather than staring down at their desk and keeping the same pace. Our knowledgeable technology experts can develop a new projector solution for educational use, and projector repair technicians are experienced fixing broken machines.

Printer and projector repair services are available on-site and at our depot repair center located in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Please call our friendly service center before mailing in a broken educational projector, (262) 717-0037.


Network Connectivity, Computer Security, Wireless Access

Technology in schools has become standard but permissions and user accounts must be differentiated for security purposes to avoid downtime and unauthorized access. Students must be restricted from resources and tools used by faculty and staff; however, as technology advances, so does student understanding. Being proactive instead of reactive ensures network stability and operational reliability.

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Wireless access and network security
depends on the use of student technology in school: open access for all (unknown) devices or restricted to network (known) devices. Such as universities and campus dorms, wireless access is open for easy and convenient connectivity for the mobile devices of students and faculty. On the other hand, wireless access points easily connect education-provided tablets and computer labs without the mess of cabling but need to just as easily block unknown mobile devices like student smartphones.

Computer network engineers at TriTech must meet the minimum standards of five-plus years of IT experience, a Bachelors degree, and certifications from our technology partners. They will be able to plan what you’re looking for, analyze what you already have, design

  • Paging & intercom systems
  • IP security cameras & video surveillance systems
  • Computer setup & server deployment
  • RFID for shared materials
  • VoIP for mobility & unified communications
  • Video conferencing for convenient, added interaction
  • VPNs for security & mobility


Host and guest services are at the heart of hospitality and accommodations; nowadays, in order to be a hospitable and accommodating business, technology and wireless connectivity must be taken into consideration – for both the host and guest. TriTech is certified and partners with hospitality technology leaders such as 3CX and Cisco.

In the digital age led by smartphones, 94% of business travelers believe Wi-Fi is important when considering hospitality with free Wi-Fi access ranking higher than free breakfast for lodging by business and leisure travelers.

Wireless Access: Amenity, Benefit, Requirement

Computer network engineers at TriTech create secure wireless solutions and add network security to existing systems for hotels and restaurants. One network will wirelessly connect to technology from guests and staff, including wired for the latter. To protect your local area network from forbidden access (intentional or malicious), cybersecurity is of utmost importance for PCI and payment compliance, financial records, guest data, confidential information, and customer confidence in reputation.

Wireless is also used to enhance customer interaction through mobile devices. When their device connects to your Wi-Fi, special offers and immediate information can be sent to them digitally through an application or web browser. Front desk tablets speed up reservation check-ins if it’s busy or the customer doesn’t require additional assistance.

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dadd layered security for business operations, supplementing other protection measures like firewalls and encryption.

Lodging and Hotel VoIP Phones

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VoIP phone systems
offer substantial cost savings compared to traditional PBX without sacrificing call quality and management efficiency. Company-provided cell phones can receive and transfer calls as part of the IP-PBX, keeping mobile employees easily connected and seamlessly going with IP desk phones. 3CX Hotel PBX requires minimal training and integrates room details for superior customer personalization.

Restaurant Paging Systems

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Paging sound systems
for large-area, loud environments can reach single or multiple indoor and outdoor spaces. Use for overhead background music and announcements to notify customers their table is ready or closing time. TriTech is certified to provide the required cabling services needed for clear broadcasted sound from your paging speaker solution; cheap cable and inexperienced technicians won’t help get the most out of your system.

Hospitality IT Support

TriTech offers complete support services for existing systems. If you’re experiencing network problems like downtime or random signal loss, our computer network engineers can help your business get reconnected.



Industry 4.0 is the transition to advanced technology in the manufacturing and industrial sector. To keep up with competition and maintain business processes, your IT infrastructure must be seamlessly integrated in order to operate successfully. TriTech helps determine how a solution can improve production efficiency and visibility without excessive costs.

RFID for Logistics and Shipping

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the latest scanning technology and replaces barcodes. An affordable and flexible alternative, RFID tags and readers exchange mass amounts of data quickly without the need to dig through boxes to scan codes. This increase of visibility contributes to cost recovery and accurate reporting. By collecting more data with more accuracy, RFID can optimize production and forecast demand through analytics, tracking patterns and identifying trends.

TriTech is trained to repair and resell Zebra RFID printers and partnered with RFID leaders Impinj and Intermec.

Employee Safety & Productivity

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IP security cameras
are a great technology to have in a manufacturing environment. They can be placed in warehouses where goods and assets are stored, loading docks and entrances to monitor activity, and the main floor to record incidents such as workers comp claims and procedure compliance. Our computer network engineers are trained on surveillance systems and will optimize your network so you stream high-quality video.ker solution; cheap cable and inexperienced technicians won’t help get the most out of your system.

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Paging and intercom systems
are used in work areas and restricted doors. Overhead paging speakers need to be loud and clear, otherwise they serve no purpose; TriTech has a specialized cabling division of certified technicians who will ensure the proper tools and procedures to achieve this. Intercom door systems can work alongside surveillance cameras and RFID scanning authorization for extensive physical security.

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Printing solution
from TriTech make paperwork much more manageable and less time consuming. Printers are often an overlooked aspect of infrastructures, so weak security may open confidential data and unknown costs may have you overpaying – take control before someone else does. Our trained technicians can show how managed print services saves money and hassle from the required continuous maintenance. They can check your printer security and how printing jobs can be digitized with more automated.

TriTech works with you on the goal you’re hoping to achieve, whether minimizing inefficiency or improving quality, and may utilize your existing system if possible.


The ultimate IT goal of non-profit organizations is “enterprise quality without the enterprise price.” TriTech strongly believes technology should help, not hinder, and understands it can be overwhelming. With these two principles in mind, our computer network engineers and trained specialized technicians focus on your current situation and ways to improve efficiency while reducing costs.

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VoIP services
If your organization has a local area network and Internet connection, TriTech can leverage it to provide VoIP services and eliminate costly phone plans. With a VoIP phone system, you’ll receive the same (or better) sound quality plus more flexibility at an affordable rate – all using the Internet you already have. To receive high-quality voice, your network must be optimized by a computer network professional to avoid sound problems like static, crackling, and echo.

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Managed services
are great not just financially but predictability. At a fixed rate for the duration of your contract, TriTech takes out the guesswork and simplifies how you can budget more accurately. With dedicated services, it’s one less hassle for you to worry about. An experienced IT consultant will analyze your setup and infrastructure to recommend the best agreement level for what you have. There are two options available:

  1. managed print services cover all consumables and device support, and
  2. managed IT support services offer three tiers of customizable support for systems of any size.

Microsoft and Computer Services

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Computer Services
TriTech computer services update legacy systems with ease by our trained technicians. Off-site deployment means less disruption for your organization and its network, setting up PCs and servers with the necessary applications and optional data migration. New system conversion takes less time with pre-setup, thoroughly tested and debugged for optimal performance and functionality.

Our computer services and support include Apple and Lenovo plus Microsoft as a Silver Partner. TriTech is authorized to service and support current Microsoft software if you’re having problems or questions.

With familiar products and user-friendly utilities, Microsoft has valuable special offers for eligible non-profit organizations with extensive cost savings. TriTech offers Microsoft applications that improve the efficiency of crucial tasks: volunteer management and communication, donor management and data security, financial accounting, and project collaboration and management.


Agents and brokers need reliable technology for mobility and remote access to manage work and maintain connectivity. TriTech has a selection of realty solutions that can help them seamlessly transition and securely integrate – whether on the move or in the office, a unified communications solution from TriTech reduces the hassle of using both.

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VoIP phone solutions
allow agents and brokers to need only one contact method, eliminating multiple phone numbers and user accounts. VoIP makes it easy to transfer calls between mobile devices and IP phones, meaning offices can send calls to cell phones when agents are out in the field. Some other useful features are status displays on the availability of a user extension and instant messaging.

VoIP leverages your existing Internet connection to send and receive voice data, which is time-sensitive and high bandwidth, so your network traffic needs to be configured for Quality of Service by a certified computer network engineer. TriTech has experienced engineers who train with VoIP partners and will securely optimize your network.

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Conference phones
enhance the sound quality of multi-party voice communication, up to an entire room. To be effective, whether numerous single users or endpoints with groups, phone call conferences must have clear sound on all speaker projections and voice detection of participants at a distance from the microphone. TriTech is trained and knowledgeable with our partner offerings and will work with you on a conferencing solution customized for your use.

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Room design services
from TriTech are for specialized conferencing systems. Transform your conference room with hanging ceiling microphones and even a video conferencing system to complement your conference phone.

The average office worker consumes 10,000 pages per year, the equivalent of 60% of a tree.

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Managed print services
offer significant savings up to 30% on consumables, service, and cost-per-page. By taking control of your print activities, you’ll improve productivity and optimize efficiency of your printing fleet. TriTech centralizes management of your devices and helps fine-tune your environment over time. Automated alerts notify us when supplies run low and machines require maintenance, reducing downtime and hassle. For your convenience, printer technical support is available on-site and remotely for repairs and services.


Managing product stock, customers, and employees is what drives retail. With so much going on, time savers and task efficiency are on the forefront. From network security to security cameras, TriTech IT professionals have a track record of successful retail technology solutions in Milwaukee, Waukesha, and throughout Wisconsin.

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Security cameras
in retail offer a variety of specifications to suit your goals and TriTech is certified to determine the right surveillance solution for you – from Axis to Mobotix: sizes for its presence to bring attention and discourage theft or covert to be unknown for customer comfort; video footage for live streaming or recorded playback; located outside or inside; primary focus on staff or customers, registers or entrances. IP surveillance systems are investments that increase visibility of the main floor, back storage, parking lot, and any other areas that need monitoring.

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Paging speaker systems
are used for overhead music as well as store-wide communication, saving time from physically looking for someone and saving costs from multiple radios. TriTech is partners with Algo, Bogen, and Snom and provides necessary cabling services through our specialized division of trained cabling technicians – the sound quality is impacted by the cable quality.

Rfid Icon

is an alternative for barcodes that offers greater benefits. With RFID, items don’t need to be individually scanned or even visibly in sight. RFID scanner readers quickly collect large amounts of data that can be sent wirelessly to a database or server, ideal for asset tracking and inventory. TriTech is partnered with RFID leaders Impinj and Intermec and certified to resell and repair Zebra RFID printers.

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Network security for Point-of-Sale printers
is often overlooked and the main cause of most retail data breaches – roughly only one in ten retailers have adopted industry-standard security measures for PCI compliance. Payment terminals must be appropriately protected not just for legal purposes but for a trusted reputation from consumers. If your retail location offers free Wi-Fi for personable marketing, your wireless security especially needs additional protection and TriTech can implement complete coverage of your whole network.

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are an affordable, convenient replacement for large poster prints. Slide displays can be easily updated as needed, whether daily for specials or weekly for advertisements. TriTech is one of only two Epson Authorized Service Providers in Wisconsin, serving Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, and southeastern Wisconsin. Our repair service technicians also fix Dell out-of-warranty projectors.