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Business technology and IT support services in Metro Milwaukee and Wisconsin are available from TriTech Corporation of America. Certified computer network engineers and trained technicians in print and cabling plan, analyze, design, implement, and support new solutions and current technology per the systems support lifecycle.

Networking Services

TriTech provides computer network support and IT support services for businesses in southeastern Wisconsin. We cover every aspect of cybersecurity and your digital business systems infrastructure, from network analysis to proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance. To bring unmatched results, our computer network engineers have five-plus years of IT experience and certifications from training with leading partners like Cisco and Microsoft.

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Cybersecurity solutions
re ever increasingly important in a world of constant attacks. TriTech works to strengthen your current network defenses or introduce protection for email filtering, Internet access, user connectivity, computer system security, and network perimeter security. Malware, viruses, ransomware, and denial of service are preventable with a security solution from TriTech – our computer network engineers remove and disable such attacks, too.

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Virtual Private Networks
are a great (secured and encrypted) way for multi-location and remote access, connecting over the Internet. VPN support services from TriTech for setup of networked sites and users, modifying accounts, changing permissions, and troubleshooting makes it easy to keep employees and endpoints linked.

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Wireless networking solutions
utilize the Netscout™ AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer PRO for wireless network design, comprehensive site surveys, wireless spectrum assessments, and Wi-Fi result and enhancement reporting. Our wireless network engineers can address spotty or weak Wi-Fi signals, slow data transfer or loading times, and insecure wireless connectivity that are all avoidable and fixable with wireless services from TriTech.

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Managed services and IT support
are ideal for proactive, dedicated computer system support and supplementing IT departments at a fixed monthly cost and no long-term commitment. TriTech managed services are a convenient and affordable way to reduce PC, server, and network downtime and have the comfort of immediate help desk support when you need it. There are three different options, so you can choose what best works for you!

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IT helpdesk services
can be reached during regular business hours (24/7 for managed services customers in our support program) to help with sudden problems, big or small, that your business is experiencing. PC or server problems including email issues, operating system and program errors, lost files and data recovery, hardware driver setup, and cybersecurity support like virus and malware removal are just a few services from the IT helpdesk at TriTech.

PC and Server Services

As an authorized reseller and repair provider of leading manufacturers and brands, TriTech orders and services OEM parts and technology, covered by our partners. Server and PC services can be performed either on-site or in our depot repair center in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

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Deployment solutions
are cost-effective and time-efficient with our experienced computer network engineers – whether leveraging your existing business system or network, starting from scratch, or completing equipment setup. TriTech can greatly reduce disruption by provisioning your system of computers and servers off-site before the integration on-site. Implementation services include data migration, system configuration, and end-user deployment.

Cabling Computer

Server and PC repairs
use only OEM parts and software for cracked screens, motherboard failures and hard drive failures, computer crashes, operating system and software issues, memory upgrades, cooling fans, and other repair services on notebook laptops, desktop towers, and servers. All data recovery and repair services are performed by experienced computer repair technicians, typically completed within three days (including the shipment of part orders).

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Computer support services
for PC and server hardware and software provide valuable analysis of complications and reliable transitions that are less at risk than without professional support. Giving you peace of mind and confidence, TriTech has a successful track record of computer support in Wisconsin from managing business technology appropriately and securely that spans over 20 years. Software support services include the installation, conversion, and migration of operating systems and applications.

VoIP, Business Phone, and PBX System Services

Improve uptime and enhance call quality with phone systems and support services from TriTech. Existing hardware support and new telecommunication solutions with our partners, like 3CX, Asterisk, and Cisco, all work to enhance your capabilities and mobility with Voice over IP and business phone systems.

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VoIP phone services
are better with TriTech as a single source provider. For outstanding sound and quality, your network’s traffic must be properly configured to optimize voice data as a priority because it’s time sensitive – failure to do so opens issues like choppy calls, static sounds, echoing, and jitter. We have computer network engineers experienced in real-time data optimization and Quality of Service, but also trained and certified by our VoIP phone partners (such as Digium and Polycom).

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Hosted IP-PBX phone systems
are often part of a larger unified communications strategy, but also flexible investments as standalone solutions. VoIP phone systems leverage your existing network infrastructure and saves costs accrued from traditional business PBX plans, requiring the same skills as VoIP phones and managing Internet speed optimization. TriTech can efficiently introduce UC into the workplace or provide support services to current VoIP systems, suitable for call centers and hotels.

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Paging & intercom solutions
whether traditional analog or VoIP-based, are sound systems customized to your specification. Single zone and multi-zone overhead paging systems can be placed by room, hallway, or building and connected to an IP phone, security camera, or music playback. White noise solutions muffle conversations from being overheard outside of a room, commonly used in medical offices and legal firms. Emergency notification systems, loud ringer systems, and shift bell systems are a few other telecom solutions that trained IT professionals at TriTech design, setup and install, and sound support.

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PBX phone systems
are a traditional digital or analog office technology yet still require extensive security measures for uptime performance and guarding interference – both of which are enforced by TriTech. Our dedicated cabling division deals with the setup and maintenance of PBX systems including physical cable additions, relocations, and changes. For existing PBX, we troubleshoot issues and support adjustments for voice quality all the way down to phone system cabling.

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Conference phone services
extend into desktop speakerphones, conference room designs, and video conferencing systems. No matter the size of your meeting room or complexity of your objective, TriTech works with you on a solution that can adapt in the future and meet current goals. Our conference calling solutions are customized for a single phone in smaller conference rooms to in-ceiling microphones, in-wall speakers, and video integration of larger conference rooms.

Video Conferencing Solutions

TriTech is the largest video conferencing integrator and equipment reseller in Wisconsin. How? Since 2003, our computer network engineers train for video conference solutions and build your network foundation to handle voice and video efficiently. We support existing video systems and design new conferencing solutions – from point-to-point systems to immersive multipoint video conferencing solutions that span the globe – around established partners Cisco, LifeSize, and Polycom.

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Immersive room Telepresence systems
are innovative technology solutions that make use of an entire area’s space to feel as though other parties are sitting directly across from you – walls covered with video monitors and sound barriers, tabletop and ceiling microphones and speakers, and specialized lighting. Immersive video solutions require specialized training by experienced IT professionals, in order to be effectively serviced and designed. Certified with Cisco TelePresence and Polycom RealPresence, TriTech video conferencing experts completely support and service immersive rooms from start to finish.

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Telepresence video conferencing solutions
are sophisticated systems that demonstrate a professional image by spanning the entire length of a conference table and having features like one-click content share and participant control. Telepresence conference systems take video calls and meetings to the next level with more flexibility than immersive rooms. Our certified technology services can install your equipment, fix audio/video quality issues, or design a new telepresence system for your business – available from Cisco, HuddleCamHD, LifeSize, and Polycom.


Video conferencing systems
can be convenient for on-the-go communication and mobile connectivity, particularly remote access and commute users. A VC platform and appropriate camera system must work together for ideal functionality. As with VoIP and all video conferencing (immersive room and telepresence), your Internet connection needs to be configured for real-time data since it uses a lot of bandwidth and will be slow as well as affecting other traffic. TriTech brings effective results by evaluating your present circumstances and what’s needed for you to be successful, including network hardware and cabling for VC systems.

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Video phone services
may be used in conjunction with UC strategies and collaboration solutions. More condensed but no less important, the visual aspect of videophones bring a personal interaction and faster decision-making than simple voice calls and emails. Certified phone specialists at TriTech provide support for repairing and provisioning videophone systems as well as new solution designs.

Surveillance Solutions

Proper planning, designs, installation, and configuration is needed for you to get the most out of a security camera system – TriTech does exactly that. Video surveillance solutions and support are managed by IT professionals who are trained and certified by network camera partners including Axis, Mobotix, Bosch, HIKvision, Panasonic, and Pelco.

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IP security cameras
can be a simple concept but remains an advanced piece of technology. Don’t trust someone who isn’t an expert in networking technology or digital media with your security camera system – video and audio data is time sensitive and requires priority being added to the network traffic of your Internet connection. Since our computer network engineers are trained by surveillance partners, we can fine-tune your network for IP cameras and Quality of Service better than anyone else. They can build the proper foundation, design layout essentials and storage, troubleshoot glitches, restore poor video quality, install of camera hardware, and expand surveillance systems.

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Surveillance converter solutions
are for CCTV analog cameras and special-use cases. TriTech is familiar with our partner portfolios and experienced in producing successful surveillance solutions that best fit your use, meaning it may be more affordable or beneficial to get an updated camera system instead of designing around an older system. We will work with you to find a logical, strategic solution.

RFID Solutions and Services

RFID, or radio frequency identification, coded tags and scanner readers increase visibility in less time and costs than barcodes. TriTech is trained and authorized to use the Netscout™ AirMagnet Wi-Fi Analyzer Pro, a superior wireless tool for site surveys to detect interference, unreachable areas, and high range points. Wireless network setup is important because RFID readers send collected information by signal to other readers, computers, and databases.

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Asset tracking & inventory management
is much easier and more affordable with RFID technologies. From a large warehouse of product storage to recording loaned items, RFID specialists at TriTech have been trained to support existing systems and develop new ones customized for your goals.

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RFID Logistics
enhances shipping and supply chain management. Many common locations for logistics suffer from interference and poor signal strength – concrete warehouses, outdoor loading docks, unattached buildings, isolated back areas are just a few. TriTech can accommodate these drawbacks to provide full area coverage without excessive supplies.

Cabling Services

TriTech is one of the few IT solutions companies in Metro Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to have BICSI-qualified cabling technicians in-house. Every part of a network infrastructure is critical to the system’s operation, but cabling is the foundation – low-quality fiber optic and cheap Ethernet cabling plus inexperienced installers can mean setbacks for your business. All cabling support and solutions include a 15-year warranty.

Cabling Structured

Structured cabling services
for new network infrastructures and the organization of existing data centers are tested and done by our trained cable technicians. If your data panel or rack cabinet is cluttered, identifying endpoints that need attention or pinpointing the cause of network problems takes much more time and costs to accomplish. They follow best practices to systemize your cabling infrastructure – VoIP and phone systems, routers and switches, firewalls and servers, video and sound systems (IP cameras, VC systems, overhead paging speakers, etc.), and any other technology your business/organization may have.

Cabling Computer

Data & computer cabling services
from TriTech use only genuine, certified cabling and products from CommScope and Panduit. Our experienced cabling technicians comply with standards set by BICSI and TIA to confirm proper usage and capabilities, making sure you’re getting safe and fast connections throughout your infrastructure – whether you need current cables to be tested or a new cabling solution.

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Phone cabling services
are available with new solutions designed by TriTech and for support of existing PBX systems. Cabling support solutions can resolve sound quality issues by certifying that the correct type of cabling is being utilized; counterfeit, substandard cabling is unable to deliver data at the speeds required for Quality of Service and thus creates poor audio like static, crackling, and jitter.

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Fiber optic services
include horizontal cabling and backbone cabling. Trained cabling technicians at TriTech abide by industry standards and city regulations to deliver safe, compliant support and repairs of the fastest cabling solution available today. Fiber optic transfers high-speed bandwidth without interference and outside influence of the data, providing consistent operational success.

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Cable trenching services
include aerial cabling and directional boring, whether already under construction or just starting out. By laying cable underground, physical access is restricted and tampering is highly reduced, particularly when connected to security cameras and telecommunications. Trenched cable establishes a long-term solution for buildings and campuses.

Printer Services

TriTech printer technicians are authorized and trained to repair, service, and resell printing hardware from Epson, Oki Data, and Xerox. Our print services are one of the fastest responding printer support companies in Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin. We have a depot repair center located in Waukesha, Wisconsin, open during regular business hours for walk-ins and appointments.

Epson Authorized Service Provider in Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison

TriTech is one of the only Epson Authorized Service Providers in Wisconsin. Other print consultants may claim they are Epson partners – there are less than ten resellers associated with Epson in the state – but it shouldn’t be mistaken with an Epson Authorized Service Provider. We are the only IT support and printer repair company in Waukesha, Wisconsin with an Epson Customer Care Center (ECCC) that can repair your Epson product in-warranty and out-of-warranty.

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Managed Print Services
provide fast OEM product shipping and reliable support services at a reasonable price without long-term commitment. At a fixed cost-per-page agreement, your print budget never increases for support services like repairs and consumables, like ink and paper, that you need for the duration of your agreement. Managed print services from TriTech makes spending visible, costs lower, and supplies consistent so you never run out.

Depot Repair Center & On-Site Services for Maintenance and Fix-and-Break Solutions in Wisconsin

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Printer repair services
have a one-hour callback and four-hour onsite response time on average. All break-and-fix solutions are handled by trained print technicians with five-plus years of experience and usually completed 48 hours, including a three-month extended warranty for parts and labor.

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Plotter repair and services
are for large traditional plotters and wide-format printers, such as Epson Stylus Pro & SureColor and HP DesignJet. Our plotter service technicians are experienced with plotters from most manufacturers but, since the machines are phasing out, availability of parts varies. Specialty printers and copier services for maintenance and repairs of multifunction printers, label printers, and POS/receipt printers including from Epson and Zebra.

Note: We do not provide on-site repair services at residences, home offices, and home-based businesses.

Our Depot Repair Center is a complete service facility for machine maintenance and printer repair in Waukesha, Wisconsin. We are open weekdays, 8:00AM-5:00PM CST. To make an appointment or ask further questions, please contact us at (262) 717-0037.