TriTech Corporation is a Certified Partner (CMP) with Mobotix, a leading pioneer in network camera technology ranked in the top 5 for cameras and equipment in Europe by IHS. With Mobotix-certified specialists, TriTech has provided businesses across many industries security camera services and support in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, and throughout Wisconsin.

Mobotix Certified Partner requirements

  • Certified technical knowledge in the field of network video surveillance as well as a wide range of project experience.
  • Certify one individual with the first level of the MOBOTIX commercial and technical curriculum
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Mobotix Certifications

MOBOTIX Campus Basic Technical Certification:

  • Project Lab: Training of Mobotix project design and products to determine recommendations
  • Advanced Lab: Training of camera system configuration and VMS setup & operation

Lifecycle Management Services

TriTech helps Wisconsin businesses with Mobotix cameras, from installation assistance to system expansion, and new surveillance solutions.

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Our certified Mobotix surveillance professionals can help you plan a security camera solution using Mobotix. With a complimentary initial consultation, you’ll describe your goals and they’ll work with you on how to achieve them.

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An experienced computer network engineer conducts site surveys to study the environmental conditions, IP camera placement, and current network infrastructure. Then, you’ll tell them any user and functionality requirements for our designers to include.

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Our trained system designers take the collected data and decide which Mobotix security camera system components are best for your goal. If necessary, they’ll specify needed equipment to provision your network.

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Our computer network engineers are certified Mobotix professionals who optimize your network for high-quality, secure surveillance video and audio. Specialized cabling technicians install the hardware and remove any unnecessary existing equipment.

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For support and existing security camera systems, TriTech offers the following lifecycle services:

  • Planning of new Mobotix surveillance solutions and existing system changes
  • Analysis of poor performance and repairs
  • Design of expansions and replacements
  • Implementation of camera hardware and network configuration
  • Support of Mobotix surveillance systems and products

Mobotix Solutions from TriTech

As a Mobotix Certified Partner, TriTech customizes Mobotix security cameras and systems based on your current situation and what new requirements there are for your business or organization.

Mobotix IP Video Door Station
combines security and access control into one surveillance system. Mobotix uses open standards to allow integrated solutions including IP phones and videophones from other manufacturers.

Intelligent Motion Detection
greatly reduces false alarms triggered by animals, weather, and nature. Starting 2017, 3D motion detection is a standard feature in every Mobotix non-hemispheric camera and decreases wasted storage use.

Analytics and Statistics
brings a reliable, automatic system of valuable data. From people counting to object statistics, behavioral and motion analysis settings include:

  • Length of time
  • Speed of motion
  • Directional changes

Did you know? “Mobotix cameras record approximately 30 times more detail than 95% of all existing video systems worldwide. In virtually all applications, one Mobotix camera can replace several standard CCTV systems because Mobotix technology offers four times more coverage.”

How different industries use Mobotix Security Cameras

TriTech can build and support your surveillance solution with Mobotix for many considerations including location, weather, and discretion.

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Protect students, faculty, staff, and property from vandalism and violence with maximum coverage and fewer cameras in a cost-efficient solution from Mobotix. Secure doors during and after hours while monitoring to allow access, even from a mobile device or different computer if the primary respondent is away.

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Mobotix security cameras are a great negotiation tactic to assure potential clients of surveillance benefits, including product protection and financial confidence. Video footage can be used as evidence for workers compensation and medical claims. Automatically maintain a registry of vehicles and plate numbers, saving time and reducing false alarms.

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Obsolete analog systems are unable to view small items with clarity and reliability, a major disadvantage regarding theft. Mobotix offers discreet designs, so not to discomfort customers by its presence, and mobility options, allowing you to view cameras while focusing on customers.

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Mobotix offers discreet yet secure surveillance of personnel, premises, supplies, and guests. Their security cameras produce HD quality video and are easy to use including from multiple locations.

Security Camera Systems from TriTech, Mobotix Certified Partner in Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison

TriTech has the authorized training and experience from Mobotix to offer professional certified services. To start your customized surveillance solution, call TriTech today at (262) 717-0037 or 24/7 toll-free (800) 891-3388.