TriTech Corporation of America is a Select Channel Partner & Reseller with Digium, the creator and developer of Asterisk and Switchvox. With Digium-certified specialists for Asterisk and Switchvox, TriTech has provided businesses across many industries phone services and support in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, and throughout Wisconsin.

Lifecycle Management Services

TriTech is unique in that we support businesses at any phase of the system lifecycle – from strategy development to end-of-life devices.

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During a complimentary initial consultation, you’ll explain the obstacle you’re looking for TriTech to resolve – for example, improving sound quality of your current Digium system or migrating from an existing PBX.

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A network engineer trained by Digium will thoroughly study your IT infrastructure and recommend possible solutions that fit both your goals and requirements. TriTech site surveys include a professional network analyzer and BICSI-certified cabling tester using the Fluke Networks™ Cable Testing Analyzer.

Learn about phone cabling services from TriTech.

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Our certified system designers layout the collected data and gather needed compatible equipment including cabling and networking tools.

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For superb performance and minimal interruption, qualified technicians are mandatory for the installation and integration of the various components making up your business phone system. Digium phone services from TriTech include: network provision, cabling installation, system setup, data traffic optimization, and phone configuration.

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For support and existing Digium Switchvox & Asterisk phone systems, TriTech offers the following lifecycle services:

  • Planning of new Digium solutions and existing system alterations
  • Analysis of poor performance and troubleshooting
  • Design of expansions and replacements
  • Implementation of conferencing hardware and network optimization
  • Support of Digium video & conferencing systems and products

Digium Solutions by TriTech

TriTech is proud to offer Asterisk & Switchvox solutions and support services in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin. As a Digium Select Channel Partner, we can design and install phone systems that help save costs and meet strategic goals of your business.

IP phone systems
from Digium are available on-premise, Cloud-hosted, or hybrid. Whether your preference be a monthly subscription or capital expense, Switchvox business phone systems are customizable and affordable solutions for businesses of any size.

Legacy PBX upgrades
provide advanced benefits and features, typically for less than the cost of traditional PBX. According to Digium, a system such as Switchvox can “save up to 70% on monthly phone bills.”

Unified communications
enables mobility and remote access using VoIP. Scalable and innovative, UC adoption is a cost-saving solution for the initial system with a good long-term return on investment.

Compatibility & Integration
with hardware and conferencing outside of Digium including Lifesize, Microsoft, and Polycom.

How different industries use Digium Phone Systems

Digium is an efficient and affordable solution for unified communication, connecting audio and video functionalities all in one easy-to-use system. TriTech is an official Digium Select Channel Partner & Reseller, Asterisk Certified Integration Partner, and Switchvox Certified Partner.

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Digium offers productivity features including Microsoft Outlook integration to access contacts and easy transition from desk phones to mobile devices. These call transfers to your mobile device use your professional number, keeping your personal number private from the caller.

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In addition to Microsoft Outlook integration and business numbers on mobile, easily connect to on-the-go employees. Availability status and chat messaging allows effective unified communications between offices and agents.

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Increase the speed and ease of connecting staff and patients with Digium, all while adhering to HIPAA compliance. Multiple queue management tools helps improve customer service: Recording automatically charts & tracks trends of call data and Automatic Call Distributor allows announcement & music uploading for on-hold callers.

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Contact Center
The Switchvox Switchboard is a user’s in-depth visual of the phone system for maximum call control and management. Chat and screenshare during calls to provide instant information without interruption. Administrators can listen in and whisper to user stations without the caller knowing and immediately take over a call.

Asterisk and Switchvox from Digium

What’s the difference between Asterisk & Switchvox? Digium, the world leader in open commu-nications, differentiates the two by describing Asterisk as an engine and Switchvox as a vehicle.


TriTech Corporation is a Certified Integration Partner with Asterisk, the world’s leading free and open source telephony software. Developed by Digium in 1999, Asterisk is cross-platform that works for many operating systems as a starting framework or extending bridge. It’s used by many Fortune 1000 companies and versatile to fit most business solutions.

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Certification Requirements for Asterisk Integration Partners

Certify one individual as dCAA Administrator – requires general telephony and VoIP knowledge as well as validates specific Asterisk knowledge related to basic competency, installing, configuring, and administering an Asterisk system.

  • Asterisk Technical Product Training
digium switchvox


TriTech Corporation is a Certified Partner with Switchvox, a full-featured unified communications (UC) business phone system. An award-winning communications solution that appeals to both enterprise and small business, TriTech is trained to design and implement Switchvox on-premise and Cloud-hosted.

Switchvox Certified Partner requirements

  • Certify two individuals as dCSP Professional
  • Certify one individual as dCSE Engineer

Switchvox Certifications

Digium Switchvox Support Engineer (dSSE)
provides the correct methodology for configuring Switchvox and best practices for successful installations, allowing for improved customer installation service time and support as well as VoIP network security.

Digium Certified Switchvox Engineer (dCSE)
designs and supports Switchvox solutions as well as configures Digium IP phones.

Digium Certified Sales Professional (dCSP)
has the knowledge and ability to build optimal telephony solutions based on Switchvox.

Switchvox Titanium Support
provides advanced technical support service and requires certification as dSSE.

  • Switchvox Cloud Introduction Training
  • Network Readiness Training

VoIP and Business Phone Systems from TriTech, Digium Select Channel Partner & Reseller in Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison

Whether you’re looking for a Digium certified partner for a new Asterisk PBX solution or to work with your current Switchvox phone system, TriTech has the authorized training and experience to offer professional services. Call us today to get started with a business phone solution customized for your business by Digium and TriTech, (262) 717-0037 or toll-free 24/7 at (800) 891-3388.