Asset tracking and inventory management with radio frequency identification (RFID) provides better speed and data accuracy than barcode scanning. Ideal for point of sale and internal resources, RFID obtains information to easily monitor supplies and manage product.

TriTech Corporation of America offers RFID solutions and support services in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, and throughout Wisconsin. RFID technologies from TriTech simplify your business strategy with a complete solution that includes wireless optimization – from high-volume retrieval to large-area facilities.

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Why TriTech?

Elite Technology

TriTech is one of the only RFID solutions companies in Milwaukee trained and certified to use the Netscout™ AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer PRO, the highest quality tool on the market for recording and interpreting wireless network data. A site survey with the AirMagnet gives you an advantage, creating a heat map to identify causes of interference and analyzing wireless availability. 75% of the Fortune 500 secure and optimize with the AirMagnet – now you can, too!

RFID scanners collect and transmit data to a central management system wirelessly, saving upload time and memory space. However, poor placement of a fixed scanner complicates these conveniences due to interference and dead spots. The AirMagnet will determine the prime spots for scanning and our authorized technician will determine the best design to meet the read range and objective for your solution.

Skilled Customization

TriTech has experience helping businesses succeed in their RFID strategies. We are committed to effective results for your asset tracking and inventory management, which include:

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Omnichannel Retail
bridges physical and digital customer experiences.

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Analytics & Statistics
for better predictable trends and data accuracy.

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Shared Materials
can be scanned and logged into a database with borrower information.

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Reduce & Prevent
theft and other costly crimes.

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causes of damaged and lost supplies.

TriTech is an authorized partner with RFID industry leaders to offer our clients top-of-the-line solutions and overall support services.

  • Alien
  • Impinj
  • Invengo
  • Sato USA
  • Wasp
  • Avery Dennison
  • Intermec
  • RedBeam
  • TSL
  • Zebra

Methodology for RFID Services for Asset Tracking & Inventory Management

A solution is only as good as those who work on it. At TriTech, our RFID specialists have been trained and certified by our partners to provide successful results and exceptional service.

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RFID Consultation.TriTech offers RFID consultation services to help you get started on a new business solution or improve upon your existing RFID system. An RFID-trained IT consultant will meet with you to go over what you’re hoping to achieve and your RFID strategy for getting there.

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Wireless Analysis for RFID. TriTech provides wireless and network analysis services for RFID tracking and inventory. After a complimentary initial consultation, an experienced engineer will analyze your current IT infrastructure to see what we’re working with including network tools and business technology for existing RFID systems.

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RFID Design with Asset Tracking & Inventory Management. RFID system design services are available from TriTech. Our design engineers are certified to build new solutions and develop upon incomplete or existing systems. For existing RFID systems, they will customize your asset and inventory solution by adding and expanding for your new objective.

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Integration of RFID Tracking & Management. Complete implementation services for RFID systems are available from TriTech. Whether for installation or relocation assistance, our trained technicians will properly assemble the hardware and network engineers will securely configure your IT infrastructure.

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RFID System Support. TriTech offers support services for all RFID asset tracking and inventory management systems. Any issues you’re experiencing, any products you’re using, technical support at TriTech can help fix them.

Asset Tracking & Inventory Management: RFID Services in Metro Milwaukee and Wisconsin

TriTech is one of the only wireless solutions companies in Milwaukee certified to perform a site survey with the Netscout™ AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer PRO, the essential tool for making RFID applications reliable and efficient. Most Fortune 500 companies use the AirMagnet and TriTech makes it available to your RFID solution!

Start, progress, expand, update, or complete your asset tracking solution or inventory management system with TriTech today, call (262) 717-0037 or toll-free 24/7 at (800) 891-3388.