Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) connect users at different locations to a shared network through the Internet. By using special permissions and encryption, VPNs create secure access for authorized connections and provide an extra layer of security.

TriTech Corporation of America offers VPN and remote access services in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, and throughout Wisconsin. If you want to set up remote access or be supported for your existing VPN, TriTech has developed and supported networking solutions in southeastern Wisconsin since 1993.

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Secure VPN Services in Wisconsin

VPNs are used for many reasons because they can save small businesses financially 30-70% vs. dedicated lines, operating remotely and reliably. However, if implemented by an unqualified IT professional, results may be negative and more interfering than improving. Consequences of remote access and VPNs set up from inexperience include:

Cabling Signal

Unstable connectivity

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Security issues

Cabling Network

Network vulnerability

Network engineers at TriTech meet the minimum requirements of our qualification standards with a Bachelor’s degree, five-plus years of IT experience, and partner certifications that demonstrate proven expertise. When you work with TriTech, you’ll have peace of mind and confidence in your solution.

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Methodology for Remote Access & VPN Services from TriTech

If you need a VPN setup or networking support for connection problems, TriTech provides VPN and remote access services in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, and throughout Wisconsin.

Corevalue Plan

VPN Consultation.You’re thinking about a VPN but still uncertain if it’s the right strategy decision or want to learn more information. Creating a new remote access solution starts with a complimentary initial consultation from TriTech – we don’t want you to be pressured toward a solution if it’s not the right direction by charging fees. Our friendly consultants will give an honest recommendation based on your goals whether remote access or a VPN is the best route.

Corevalue Analyze

Networking Analysis. What type of remote access or VPN is best for your business? TriTech can show you. You’ll tell us specific capabilities, such as required functionalities and user access, then we’ll evaluate your system infrastructure for analysis and how to meet your objective.

Corevalue Design

Remote Access Design. You did your research and need an IT company to provide the services. After scheduling a time that works best for you, TriTech will run an analysis of your system and gather the requirements to ensure your VPN is fully functional. Our certified design engineers will create a VPN that works for both your business and network, then it will be installed.

Corevalue Implement

VPN Server & Client Implementation. If you have the hardware and software for a VPN but none of it is installed or configured, or you’re simply frustrated with the hassle of another IT company, TriTech may be able to help. Our system engineers are trained professionals who are experienced in working with most virtual private networks. They’ll make sure your VPN is functional, network is secure, and will train your team.

Corevalue Support

Remote Access Diagnosis & Support. You have a VPN but are experiencing issues or not sure how to make changes such as adding a user. Remote access support from TriTech can help you with most complications that occur. We typically attempt to identify and solve problems remotely at first but, if necessary, will arrange an on-site audit.

Types of VPN Connections

The leading method for remote access, over 65% of businesses have a VPN as part of their IT and security strategy. TriTech offers different VPN solutions to help you decide which would be best.

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Site-to-Site VPN
IPSec VPN servers connect hosts to entire private networks. Hosts exchange keys for authentication securely using the Internet and without broadcasting. IPSec VPNs are primarily used by multiple locations to access the same network and connect with one another.

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Remote Access VPN
SSL VPN clients connect users to applications and services inside private networks. Remote users receive digital certifications through software for access to application streams. SSL VPNs are primarily used by one user or device to connect to a private network.

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A computer network is a long chain –firewalls link to routers and switches, which link to devices. The more links between the Internet and endpoint, the more obstacles there are for threats to go through.

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One VPN can replace multiple LANs, making management easier.

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The hurdle of a network bridge is eliminated, sparing you the purchase cost and burden of hardware as extra luggage.

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As long as an endpoint is authorized and an Internet connection is made, VPNs can be reached.

VPN Solution Platforms & Partners

Virtual private networks can be managed through an individual gateway appliance, built-in with routers and firewalls, or virtually. TriTech will advise which option is best for you based on your objective and the analysis.

TriTech can help set up and support your virtual private network. By allowing individuals to establish a secure connection to your network, downtime and absence won’t affect productivity. Get started with VPN solutions from TriTech today at (262) 717-0037 or toll-free 24/7 at (800) 891-3388.

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