Videophones fill the gap between telephones and video conferencing systems. With the instant connection of a phone call and visual enhancement of a videoconference, video phones provide faster decision making and better interpersonal communication.

Why TriTech?

Videophones are versatile and compact, blending voice and video into one device. Many IT service companies will treat them as phones and won’t account for the video, causing issues once you make your first video call. In order to be beneficial, they must be installed and configured properly – going beyond just plugging a cord into the wall.

At TriTech, our experienced engineers are certified to optimize your network for high Quality of Service and worry-free communication.

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Special Use
Communicate easily to those having difficulty with speech, hearing, and mobility.

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Internal productivity is more thorough and time efficient. Professional relationships strengthen compared to interaction through e-mail and instant message.

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Unified Communications
Videophones can transfer and receive in-progress calls from mobile devices, both voice and video. Some have application capabilities such as connecting to Skype.

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Conference Calling
Most videophones come with 3-way calling and can also be used as a conference phone.

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Many models are able to connect to the Internet, saving costs from a phone plan. This is ideal for long distance and international calling.

Methodology for Videophone Services from TriTech

TriTech provides videophone services and support in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, and throughout Wisconsin. Our certified phone technicians specialize in customizing solutions to help businesses meet current goals and adapt for future ones.

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Videophone Consultation. If you’re interested in getting a videophone but still unsure, a consultation from TriTech could help with a decision. You’ll tell us your objective for using a videophone, such as upgrading your office phone to have video capabilities or for frequent video calls. We’ll consider which videophone or other telecommunications device would be best for your business goals.

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Analysis & Design
Analysis & Custom Design. Design services from TriTech are available to create project solutions. We analyze your system to see what we’re working with – you may not need an entire video phone if a camera accessory would work with your current system, but it is ultimately up to you – and present the best options. Once you approve, our certified design engineers will customize your solution with compatible specifications.

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Phone Installation. If you already have a videophone but not setup, TriTech offers installation services for most makes and models. Our system engineers are trained and authorized with integrating phone systems into IT environments, delivering successful results.

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Videophone Support Services. Support services are available from TriTech for videophone systems. Whether you need support as part of your IT infrastructure or repair assistance, our experienced consultants will do all they can to have your videophone operating efficiently.

Videophone Solutions & Unified Communications Services in Metro Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin

To add a videophone to your unified communications or business strategy, call the experienced consultants at TriTech today, (262) 717-0037 or toll-free 24/7 at (800) 891-3388.

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